It was Saturday, June 16, 2018, the day Ella was eagerly waiting for. You know why? Because she’s going to meet today her long-time long distance boyfriend. She couldn’t stop thinking of the possibilities of what will happen and or what she should do upon meeting him for the first time.

After her last class ended, she hurriedly proceeded to the comfort room to fix herself. She applied powder and lipstick to emphasize her kissable lips. While she putting lipstick she started to imagine what would happen to their date, would Sean give her flowers? Kiss her immediately? Hold her hands tightly? Give handwritten letters? She couldn’t help but blush just thinking about it.

Ella started to walk along Bustillos heading to the jeep stop. It’s already 5 in the afternoon. Her face was gleaming just thinking how her boyfriend would react upon seeing her for the first time.

5 pm was rush hour but giving up looking for vacant space inside the jeepney is a no for her just to make it on time for their meet-up.

Breathing heavily from running and finally, there was a seat though only half of her butt is sitting but that didn’t matter to her, what was important was the chance to finally meet her boyfriend.

After 2 hours and 17 minutes and 30 seconds of commute, she finally reached her destination – SM Megamall. There it dawned on her that her prince charming await.

She ran until she saw his broad back. Ella slowly walked to where Sean was standing. She hugged him tightly in the back. Slowly, Sean turned to face her and kiss her forehead.

This night was one of the best nights for Ella. Laughing together, holding hands, and eating in the food court not minding the noise of other people. That night Ella felt the magic of love.

Before the day ended, both of them decided to walk in Greenfield and enjoyed the night breeze and the smell of grass that made them forget the stressful city.

They sat at the bench around Greenfield waiting who would talk first.

Then finally Sean broke the silence by asking how her day went. Ella never thought that she would feel this kind of feeling. Comforted at the idea that there is someone who would protect her from all odds.

Finally, she found the one who will give her serotonin; her happiness.


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