One Way Street

One Way Street

Here I am in this end,
I think I am lost once again.
This ain’t something new,
I’ve been on this road, I know, I knew.

Why am I always heading,
To a road this dreading.
Once again, I gave in,
Here I am dyin’

When will I learn enough!
When will I stop believing this bluff!
All I wanted is just to be loved,
Something, I just can’t get enough.

Did I expect much?
Maybe, I’m just not enough.
“I am a friend.”
This broken heart cannot be mend.

Goodbye, maybe the hardest word,
But I’m choosing it ‘coz everything seems blurred.
I don’t want to hold on.
Because I am facing this alone.

I hope I’d never face this road again.
And have learned my lessons by then,
I keep on praying that I’d find the right path.
And just be happy at last.

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