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Victory in Surrender

Sometimes, we ought to be grateful for our losses. Losing someone is a defeat, but having known someone and having able to spend time with that person is a victory in surrender

Victory in Surrender

Staring at the ceiling, I was thinking about how I need to keep trying to win an unwinnable game of strength.
and the moment I catch myself, thinking of you, I knew I already lost the game.
for, how can I be strong when my shoulders weaken each time you will take a step away from me?
for, how can I be strong when I know my body shivers at the very thought of me not being close to you?
for, how can I be strong when my mind always misses the times we let the hours of the night pass us by and the wee hours of the morning welcome our sleep?
for, how can I be strong when my heart faints knowing that it will lose you as the days go by?

And as I close my eyes in pain for losing, my memories of you come rushing in, reminding me that I had strength in them.
for, I am strong because my shoulders were given a chance to feel that at some point you took some steps towards me,
for, I am strong because my body felt how much it wanted to be close to you,
for, I am strong because my mind knew we’ve spent countless nights together that will never fade, no matter how many mornings will come and go.
for, I am strong because my heart loved and will continue loving you as the days go by.

Losing you will forever be my defeat,
but to have known you and to have been able to spend time with you,
will forever be my victory in surrender


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  1. Its okay to be hurt, and feel the pain of being broken. but you always have to know how to stand up all by yourself

  2. You only lost the person but the essence and memories you created with him/her will never be forgotten. Memories that you know the only thing left to remember someone very special to you. Saddest thing is that you know its the only thing you have and you know you can’t do anything than to move forward and start a new.

  3. Memories and the feelings remain in our hearts and mind, even we lost the person it will always be there. If we lost someone we should not remember the person with the fact that she/he leaves us but rather we must remember the person with those happy memories we made together. hihi

  4. Memories will never stay as they are because it can be a strength or a weakness. It’s up to us to decide whether we will win the situation or we’ll just give up by doing nothing.

  5. Sometimes being optimistic can take us to the level where we refuse to consider defeat. We forget that we have to let go some things that are not meant for us. When that time comes… we can feel the true relief of success

  6. Acceptance is the key to not be a “bitter person”. It is a must for us to embrace that “acceptance”.

  7. This poem really caotured my heart, from the start to the end. I love how it goes. The unspeakable words feeling of losing the one you love but still those remain in your heart.

  8. Memories stay forever in our hearts even though we want to forget it… Some people go and some people stay!