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Maganda sa Pangit

Maganda sa Panget
Maganda sa maganda ang maganda ang ugali Subalit pangit sa pangit ang pangit ang ugali.

Four Things to Know about Pride Month

4 Things to know about Pride Month

Worldwide, everyone knows that June is Pride Month. Where we celebrate diversity and inclusivity of every gender. In addition, we voice the injustice and our equal rights in this celebration. Even though prejudice and discrimination in the LGBTQIA+ Community is…

The World of Creating Content in Blogs

Creating content for a brand, business, or corporate is a component of every communication major. As I continue in this industry, I’ve learned that every communication major needs to practice creating new material on a daily basis. Furthermore, generating and…

Kwadrong Kalawakan

Sa kwadrong ito ng usok at nota Pinupuno ko ang gutom na sikmura Habang nilulunod ng iba ang gunita

(My) Craft or Crap

the ugly writers
I labour by singing light Not for ambition or bread Or the strut and trade of charms On the ivory stages, But for the common wages Of their most secret hearts.



Peryahan is a tagalog poem written by R.R. Dais and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Organized Chaos for the month of September Peryahan Halika at sabay-sabay na tayo: Magdala kayo ng kaunting barya A-piso lang naman Bawat…


the ugly writers
I spent all Sunday morning Shredding Polaroids from Last night, almost wanting To save some.


the ugly writers
That moment when I looked dozens of soldiers - just like me – running inside the building, And I froze. My legs didn’t move. My mind couldn’t make sense. I stayed back.

Walk Away

the ugly writers
She believes what she can right now is temporary it won’t constantly remain and every step has it’s own best worthwhile

Am I Worth It?

the ugly writers
Am I worth it? I still can't find the answers to it. But I keep on fighting on, Because all I want is to keep holding on.