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Take Strength

The word feminism means equality of rights of both the genders. God created men physically stronger than women to do things requiring power. However, there might be a few exceptions. Similarly, God made women equally, but differently powerful. Oh, our endurance and patience! We can bear children which men can not.

The Otherwise

The Otherwise

You kept me hanging. I hate you for ensuring your power over me. You got addicted to the controlling power you have over me. Maybe I was just a convenience to you. However, you know that you can do everything that you want with or without me.

You’re Beautiful

If given a chance to look like somebody, who would he/she be? You may never look like him or her, but let me tell you that it’s okay. You look like yourself, and that is wonderful. That’s what makes YOUnique. There’s no one in this world who looks exactly like Read more…

Happenstance On 495

Kaitlyn was angry as she drove down the Long Island Expressway. She was late and it was her stepmother’s fault, again. The radio blasted Beyoncé’s Single Ladies as she stared ahead; replaying the argument in her mind. Her foot pressed down a bit harder on the gas pedal, keeping with Read more…

Effects Of Change

Disclaimer: This Article Is Based on my Random Thoughts! A few Ideas I had from the book; 7 Habits of Highly effective people,-Stephen Covey. It Is not intended to harm/Critique any Entity It’s Mainly for Scrutinization Purposes. The greater changes we make, the more multifaceted challenges we have to deal Read more…