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Guest Post

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the ugly writers
I spent all Sunday morning Shredding Polaroids from Last night, almost wanting To save some.


the ugly writers
That moment when I looked dozens of soldiers - just like me – running inside the building, And I froze. My legs didn’t move. My mind couldn’t make sense. I stayed back.

Self Over Matter

the ugly writers
Your life is a treasure if you learn to take care of it. Choosing yourself is not an option, it is a priority.  I finally choose myself over anything.

Victory in Surrender

the ugly writers
Sometimes, we ought to be grateful for our losses. Losing someone is a defeat, but having known someone and having able to spend time with that person is a victory in surrender

A Blessed Day

the ugly writers
Before the day ends, I bow my head down and close my eyes. Talking to the highest, king of kings, messiah or whatsoever. Whispering and say Thank You, Lord

Stage Closed

Hating that I let myself be used, But I thought you were my life’s muse, I’ll just have to forgive myself.

What Are We Exactly

the ugly writers
Don’t be mistaken, I am losing patience, I want resolution, Your distance is contagious.

The Unfortunate Virgin

the unfortunate virgin
I'm not sorry that I'm not sexually experienced, I made this choice to wait and I'm happy with that. I'm sorry that you believe for you to have a relationship with a woman she needs to be sexually experienced.

Eyes of the Redeemer

eyes of the redeemer
The blood, though, it was bright, sanguine, oxygenated, oozing from ruptures in the hands and feet, from a forehead scratched, a back scoured, a side rent. Strange, I hadn’t noticed it on the way in. I guess my mind was elsewhere.

Once, I Lost My Life

Once, I lost my life
since the first day I saw you at the bay, sitting in the sand where the big trees shading you from the sun, I was at the other side sipping my fresh coconut water while waiting for the sun to set down...