Rollercoaster ride with AB Communication Program of CEAS

It was the height of the pandemic when I need to decide the pathway that can decide my future. One week before I enrolled, I saw the post of National University of a new course added, AB Communication Program of CEAS. I contemplated as I would love to take the path of being a communication major or in Marketing. However, the odds have told me that this is the path for me.

Now, in my third year of taking the AB Communication Program of CEAS, I indeed enjoyed the ride. This program still has improvements that need to be done. I am also one of the pioneers of this course.

As with any AB Communication program, this program has a broad spectrum, for that reason, it opens more opportunities for jobs. However, as it would like to involve every aspect of communication, it provides the basics and some courses do not indulge more to create complexity for better learning.

I am truly grateful for the learnings and opportunities this school gave to me. As part of our course, it is better to have hands-on experience, especially in media and production. the National University Student Government opened its door for me to be part of the technical committee for three years and 551st Media allowed me to craft my writing skills.

The Technical Committee of National Univeristy Student Government


These two organizations have given me experiences that fueled my love for my craft. I handled events like Mr. and Ms. National University, Battle of the Bands, and Concerts with NUSG while 551st Media gave me press access and had a chance to cover preseason tournaments of National University (NU) and the UAAP.

Despite the opportunity given, I had to work to suffice my financial needs and continue my study. This made me not focus on my organization and face the adulting life to finance myself. Thankfully, my professors in AB Communication are open to this and did not give a deduction for missed classes.



Comm.pendium first face-to-face general assembly

AB Communication can unfasten your mind with societal issues, and trends, manipulating content and establishing good public relations as some of the courses offered by the program are: Photography and Videography, Digital Publishing, and Journalism Principles and Practices. With the growing COMMunity, National University is unleashing the future communicators and gladly to be part of this journey.

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