I am fitness blogger, but I also write poetry on the side. I have never shared my poetry publicly before, but I figured why not. So, here is one of many poems that I’ve written. Thank you for taking the time to read. I hope you enjoy it.


“Time heals everything,” they say.
Yet I still hurt every waking moment of every day.
How much more Time must I take before the pain goes away?
I’m counting the days, the minutes, the seconds, the hours.
Dose by dose of Time, yet I still don’t feel empowered.
I’ve taken so much time, I think I’ve become the Time Master.
Stop giving me this poison of Time! I’m becoming a disaster.

One thousand four hundred and forty.
The minutes in a day that Time has for me.
I wake up every day starting at the count of one
Hoping that when I get to one thousand four hundred and forty.
This pain within me has decided it’s done
And packs up its things and vanishes before me.

Eighty-six thousand four hundred.
The seconds in a day I’ve heard tick and wondered
How much more of this pain must I encumber.
Conscious or unconscious, Time continues its ticking
An agonizing reminder that this pain is still alive and kicking.
I want Time to shut up with all that noise
And when it does, take this pain with to destroy.

The hours in a day that I must endure
While feeling like I’m a prisoner of war.
Time, yo Time! Can you hear me?
Have you decided enough is enough and I’m free?
How many times must you strike twelve and ring?
Or will you continue to make me suffer with every ding?

Time, I thought you healed everything?
Time, release me from this pain so I can sing.
Everyone speaks so highly of your magic touch.
I’m not sure why you haven’t shown me much.
I’m tired of all this crying that I’ve done.

Time, why won’t you be my savior?
I’ve heard countless stories of how you’ve saved him or saved her.
It’s as if I’m non-existent to you and just a big blur.
Time, the Healer of all, huh?
Hmm. Maybe someday I’ll concur…

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