Only I Know

Today I hear the sound of thunder.
Thinking it might rain, I paused a little.
Then I saw the flash of lighting.
Confirming on that, it is coming.

I am sitting at my Desk thinking what is Next.
Then I turned my head through a glass window.

I walked and opened it to see the view,
to my surprise, I saw you.

You opened your umbrella and walked through the rain.
I see you again… I am in vain?.

The Breeze is on the grass the smell is Fresh.
Sky is Crying, the Rain is pouring.

This feeling I have is longing for you.
Just like the rain, it is crying in Pain.

You don’t know my edge of flair.
Only I can bestow this type of despair,
to myself and me nor I cannot share.

This kind of one-sided love affair.


By Coffee Pendragon
Coffee Pendragon

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  1. Then confess it, confirm it! If he/she doesn’t feel the same way, it will be easier to move on. If he/she does, then good for you 🙂

    Kenneth Willie M. Layona
    National-U, BSBA- MAR142

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