Kindle Paperwhite: An Ex-Bookworm Review

Hello everyone! In this blog, I’m going to review the Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon. This is my first ever e-book reader, and I just got it today. I ordered it from, as I am from Saudi Arabia and Amazon doesn’t ship here (sad life).

A little bit of background…

If you knew me personally, you would know that I used to have a mini library (a.k.a. wall shelves) in my old condo. I used to buy books once or twice a month in high school, because I used to finish a regular 300-paged book in a matter of 2 days; 1 if I didn’t have much work to do for school. Sadly, I left this hobby in that dusty old drawer when I started college, only because there was just too much work to do and I couldn’t get myself to go back to reading. I still bought books, don’t get me wrong!

Who doesn’t love the smell of paperbacks as you flip through the pages? As the pages turn yellowish brown over time, and make this crispy sound when you turn each page? Aaah, the good old days.

Like I said, I still purchased books whenever I visit the bookstore. But best believe that I do not finish most of them. I asked myself, what is the matter with me? Where is the bookworm inhabiting this body a few years ago? What should I do to get back into reading?

And then the idea of an e-reader struck me. Would that help me get back into reading? After a few google researches, I have found out that getting an e-reader actually helped ex-bookworms like me get back on track. Beats me how, but somehow I believe them, so I had my mama order me one online (thanks mama! x).

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite is only one of the e-readers that Amazon has released over the years. There are loads of others including the regular Kindle, Kindle fire, Kindle Voyage, and Kindle Oasis. There are also e-readers from Kobo, and Barnes and Nobles, but the Kindle Paperwhite specifically hit the spot for me.

You can choose from the various kinds of Kindles depending on you preference. I’ve chosen the Kindle Paperwhite specifically because the resolution is at 300ppi, which is amazing and incredibly pleasing to the eyes. ships with Aramex, and while there was a bit of a mishap during the shipment, I’m happy I got it in one piece.

So this is how the box looks like. It’s got the Amazon logo on the front, and looks and feels really neat. I got the black one, but I originally wanted to get the white one. There’s really not much difference (just the colour duh), but I figured, knowing myself, the white one will easily turn yellow and look old. (Also, the black one on is a lot cheaper than the white one and I don’t even know why.) It’s just a matter of preference at the end of the day.

The back side of the box cover describes the Kindle and its specifications. The box is a “Certified Frustration Free Packaging” which is very convenient. I have never opened a box like this before, and it’s very considerate of them to do this! <3

Upon opening box, you will see this cool design on the opening flap. It’s the Amazon Kindle boy as per usual, but it was made from glossy plastic of some sort on top of regular blue cardboard.

As you can see, the Kindle Paperwhite only comes with a USB cable intended for charging and transferring files from your PC. However, you could get a wall charger or power adapter from Amazon for an extra $20. Personally, I don’t think it’s necessary to get the power adapter because you will always have one lying around, and this Kindle only needs charging every 6 weeks!

The Device

What separates this Kindle with the older models is that this one has a built-in light. I’m not going to say that it has a back-lit screen, because it doesn’t! See, the reason why regular tablets in the market are not suitable for reading in long duration is because their screens are back-lit and emit blue light, which strains the eye and does not help you sleep – as most people read before bed time. The Kindle Paperwhite has your ordinary e-ink screen, and a thin sheet of material on top of it to distribute the light across the screen. Hence, “built-in light.”

When you first open the device, you’ll be asked to register and link your Amazon account and your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can also link your Goodreads account, which can help you organise your reading agenda more. If you decided to link your Goodreads account, you can view what your friends are reading on the homepage. Amazon, I see you!


The settings are also flexible. You can freely adjust the font style and font sizes to your taste, and even the margins and spacing. This is really convenient for people who have difficulty reading small fonts, or congested letters. I love the font called Bookerly.

The Kindle Paperwhite that I got came with sponsored ads, which is annoying for some people because book recommendations are on the screen whenever you lock it. You can’t customize it to your preferred screensaver whatsoever. But, if you ask me, as long as it does not affect the performance of the device, and I’m still able to read my books, then I’m sold.

TIP: If you’re not from the US, good news! You can ask Amazon to remove the ads for you. I’ve followed the instructions from this post, and I got rid of the ads right away.

For more technical specifications, here’s a screen grab from Amazon:


Kindle Paperwhite is a good device for casual readers to hardcore readers, and even for ex-bookworms like me who want to go back into their reading habit. It’s definitely a must-have, and I can say that it is worth every penny. I can’t wait to go read the stuff I’ve already added to my library (Potterhead represent!)

We can all agree that physical books are classic, no doubt. But as the times change, as technology advances, we look for more ways – convenient ways- to do daily activities. The Kindle Paperwhite, and the rest of the e-book readers, make it possible to read at ease anytime and anywhere.

Now, go and impress your grandparents and tell them you’re going to charge your book! x

DISCLAIMER: I am not paid or compensated in any form by Amazon for this blog. All claims and opinions I have made through this blog are 100% honest and are not influenced by anyone.



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