Private Impeccability

A Global Telepathic Network

What if such a system might already exist, and has existed for a long time?  But, think of the internet in your mind, potentially massively problematic.

Telepathy is the psychic phenomena by which communication occurs between minds, or mind-to-mind communication

Thus, any telepathic network is going to require the utmost integrity, honesty, impeccability, refinement and general scrupulousness of being.

In simple terms, to join, one has to *Always* feel good and be positive. On a true interconnected network, it only takes *ONE* discordant element to disrupt the whole. Think of your own internal system. Just one errant thought can upset the entire system.

Yes, in a global system we *Could* deal with that negativity and screen it and set ourselves against it and so on. But, that takes energy. And while the individual may feel they are but one in a million, even that is a lot when we are talking billions. Besides, it requires, energy, and energy when in that system, we would not like to spend.

Also, the potential havoc for those predisposed to negativity, and predators, is high. So to me, for such a system, the screening will be excessively strict. We would have to have true Independence-of-Being before we would be *invited* to such a system. It would of necessity have to be an exclusive club. We would have to prove our worthiness by living Impeccably here in the current system first. This means having Impeccable *PRIVATE* thoughts, moods, feelings and ideas.

A most Worthy Challenge indeed. 

Private Impeccability

By Syl Dinada

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    This article fallsunder induvidualism because a person must have an Impeccable *PRIVATE* thoughts, moods, feelings and ideas.

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