Be Kind to Yourself

by Joan Rostata

So you’re self-harming again. You need the pain to silence the voices in your head. You know that shortly the pain will be joined by shame. At the moment everything feels rather hopeless and you don’t know how to break the cycle– Going home at night and just watch a movie or hang out with your books. That’s alright but you have to be aware of the tremendous difference between alone and lonely.

Please stop saying that you’re alright because you’re not. They might not understand you and that is because you don’t understand what comes into your mind either.

Oh, my sweet lad, you are amazing! Stop lay crying in the shower for a whole day and willingly eat things you are allergic to. Yes, darling, life can be too much at once sometimes. So many thoughts, impulses, impressions, and things moving around and you unable to process them all at once. There are voices whispering in your head again and it makes it even more difficult to know what you think or feel because trying to drown it out takes so much effort and strength. Don’t judge yourself so hard.

life can be too much at once sometimes

You don’t have to have a concrete plan of actions. You’re too young to be stressed with the things happening around which you can’t control. Bloom where you are planted. Be the best you can be at your present assignment, and stay there until God calls you elsewhere.

You don’t have to have a concrete plan of actions.

There’s a different perspective I want you to see. This time when the voice whispers in your head, the rational side of you knows that what it says isn’t true. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to feel sad, but it will help you to choose what to believe which beneficial for you. And no, you don’t have to be sorry for being different. You should not believe that the abuse you’ve suffered in your life happened because you deserved it or asked for it. Be kind to yourself. Don’t just try to drown your sorrows but face them instead. Keep in your mind that those bastards know how to swim.

Despite the voices in your head, the anxiety attacks, the occasional paranoia, the manic episodes and the fact that you are afraid of almost everything and everyone, you have friends you love that loves you. Be strong to be able to ask for help. You get to study what you love and have the job you like. So hang in there my sweet lass, choose to live your life. Be braver than any dragon slayer in the stories!

Be kind to yourself

By Joan Rostata

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  1. Casupanan, Rhelee Mae (Mar142)
    Society and culture
    Sometimes we misunderstand being strong and being weak. We often convince ourselves that by by holding on, keeping up or by simply saying to ourselves “kakayanin” means we are strong to face the problems but inrealoty it takes a lot more courage to let go and move forward. We don’t have to be sorry that we can’t. We don’t have to say we’re okay when we’re not.

  2. De Vera, Riziel Arrianne U.
    ARC 132
    Sociology MQ2
    Individualism – Love yourself, be independent and choose to live your life.

  3. Macalinao, Shelly Kate C.
    Individualism- This article shows how to stop and pause for a moment and try to internalize all the things happen to your life. It also give us an insights on how we should deal with problem not just by ourselves but with the help of other people.

  4. Cantuba,Ma. Rinzele L.
    MAR 141
    Sociology MQ2
    This article falls under individualism because it denotes the idea that you should be kind to yourself because when everyone else turn their backs on you, the only one that you can truly trust is yourself.

  5. Kimberly Tienzo, Arc 131, sociology M2Q
    Individualism- telling you should focus on yourself more than to others.

  6. DE VERA, Raymund Anthony R.
    Sociology MO2
    Individualism – Because the main focus of the article is to love and appreciate yourself

  7. Parilla, Nicole Shandy
    Sociology MO2
    Individualism – Basically, the subject of the article given is about love and how it applies to the self

  8. John Alvis Guntan
    – “life can be too much at once sometimes.”

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