How can He

These are questions I wanted to ask...

How can I move on from this monster that is eating the very best of me
How can I forget this monster that once stood up for what I believe in
How can he free me from something I don’t want to take part in
How can this person envelope me with such warmth that I forgot what pain used to feel like
How can this person be someone I have learned to accept and love
How can this someone love me, accepts me and hurt me all at the same time

He has loved me so deeply and take whatever sanity that is left in my system
He has given me so much pain that I have already given up not because I don’t feel love anymore
He was the best I have yesterday but today I want to be the best version of myself

Love has finally taken its path to a new direction, maybe love has finally reverted itself back to me, now only me.
Was it wrong to love someone who is just the same monster as me?
or was it because I know that even I myself become worthless,
this same he that I called monster will love me, hurt me, embrace me and then free me.
How can he give me so much to actually hope for.

How can he?

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