I am glad you came

You ignited a fire in me that was not there before. You filled me up with an unexpected fullness. You gave me something to hold onto for a while. You made me nervous to fall in love again.

It was not easy to open up to an uncertain relationship. It was not easy to trust time. It was not easy to trust faith. It was not easy to trust destiny but, it was easy to trust you. All about you.
You gave me the reasons to hope for something more. Something that brings laughter in a crowd. Something that stops a coaster up at the Enchanted Kingdom. Something that starts a fire in Glorietta mall. Something that lightens up a Christmas decor in Ayala Park. Something furious. Just, something between us.

Sometimes, I would smile like crazy when I reminisce the times we talked all day until we did not have something to say to each other. It feels strange now that we haven’t talked since then – those times when we used to crack jokes all day long. Maybe, it is just me who felt happy for all of a sudden you were with her again. All those times I have trusted you, she was the one running in your mind. I felt shattered. Until now, I am feeling fragile and shattered.

Thank you, for being you, for letting me into your life and you walking into mine. I have made you a total stranger in my life in the blink of an eye but all this time I have been ignoring you, I have been wanting to say that you were the mistake I will never regret I have made. You have made me fragile yet confident. You have pushed me far beyond my limits. You have taught me to fall and rise again. Six months have gone but I am still healing. I’m learning to trust the time, faith and destiny again. Please know that I don’t hate you and I know the time will come that I will no longer wait for you and I will no longer hope for an Us.

By Leah Garrido
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