Dear S (Or How Could You?)

Dear S (or How Could You?) By Nizrhane Abdallah

I never realised you would do this to us and to the father of your child. I never realised you chose to lose friends than suck it up and be a role model to your daughter.

I know it is difficult to be pregnant when you’re the unica hija and the youngest of the family. But the crux of the matter is that you bore the child as a consenting adult. You’re so lucky to have a responsible boyfriend who was ready to take on parenthood with you. But you opted to take that away because, I think, you feared being ridiculed by your parents. This is extremely pitiful of you, but you could have used some courage to not be subjected to this pressure.

What made me terribly sad is that your mother lied to J about your pregnancy. According to J, your mother told him that the baby had to be aborted because of complications, and she blamed J for it. Wow. Your mother blamed J for giving you HIV. WOW. J told me about it and he got himself tested, with the results being negative. How ridiculous can this get? The thing is, is it true that J gave you HIV?

One day, I stumbled upon some online photos of you and your family. I noticed that there was a child with you in them. Your child is a beautiful little girl. J was so betrayed about this. How could he be shut off from this little girl? Think about it: this little girl is so oblivious to everything about her existence. All she knows is that her parents are your own Mum and Dad, S. And your own brothers, her brothers too. Seriously, S?

That is so fucked up.

By Nizrhane Abdallah

This Girl Named Nizrhane

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  1. Hao, Edwin John F. / Mar141 / Sociology MQ2 / I think the article shows ethnocentrism because the guy shows hatred for the mother of his child because they told lies to their daughter, the guy wants a happy family for his own but the mother refute to give him the chance.

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