This world is a game – a game of balance where everything is kept under perfect measures. We humans also seek balance, balance between light and darkness, between day and night, between sweet and sour, love and lust, between life and death, even between stability and unsteadiness & perfection and deficiency. Excess of anything causes deficiency of other and thus create an empty spot in subject’s heart. The subject feel incomplete and find it difficult to survive with that incompetence thus that empty spot is filled up with despair, loneliness and consume subject’s satisfaction and happiness.

Hello, I am Osama Shahzad and I am writing this to fill up my empty spots. Yes, everyone has them and everyone needs to work on themselves to fill up their emptiness, to be a better person and bring light to this land one of a kind.

You are unique, I am unique, we are all unique and this makes us all the best in a sense and worst in other. No one can be good with everything or everyone is good at something. This makes us all subjects, subjects to displeasure and unhappiness.

I want to bring light to this world, light in people lives. Take away their sorrows and replace them with smiles. Maybe I should apply for position of Santa’s subordinate ? but unfortunately I don’t have Santa’s contact or postal address (Feel Free to share it if anyone of you has it; at least be a good friend and recommend me to him ? ). Until then I am here and I will work and let horses in my mind run to think of ways to help myself and all of you to know yourselves better and polish your positive side and get a hold of happiness.

Happiness is like a tug of war between equilibrium (Balance) disproportions. It’s entirely a struggle between mind and time. Time is against subject always and it always wants subject to turn against itself. That’s why all on this universe sometime faces that vicious battle and most of us also tasted the awful defeat. Our Mind is weak and sometime bows before time, that’s why it’s said that Good Friends are God’s blessing. It’s because they can see the picture clearly and have the strength to hold us and take us away from THE PHASE.

Let’s hold this thought here. Let’s talk about Friendship and its relation with making good decisions and happiness next time.

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By M Osama ShahzadSensations X