Untitled Poetry

Untitled Poetry By The Poetess


  1. Magos, Jasan Denise – MAR 142
    Non – Material (Implicit)
    Kind: Knowledge
    Diff. Title: You x Poetry

  2. Solis, Kathleen Mae O. (Arc133)

  3. Andrei Marie Hidalgo
    Andrei Marie Hidalgo

    Hidalgo, Andrei Marie P.
    Non-material culture.. Arc133

  4. Kim-Ian B. Dela Cruz
    Kim-Ian B. Dela Cruz

    Dela Cruz, Kim-Ian B. (arc133)

  5. Layong, Doromel S.A (ARC-133)

  6. Non-Material
    Perlas,Patrick P.
    (Arc 133)

  7. Maria Maise Ann Apigo
    Maria Maise Ann Apigo

    Apigo, Maria Maise Ann (Mar142)
    1. Implicit
    2. Knowledge
    3. Book of yours.

  8. Armel Carreon Jetajobe
    Armel Carreon Jetajobe

    Jetajobe, Armel C. – MAR142
    1. Implicit/ Non-material
    2. Knowledge
    3. A one of a kind drug

  9. DANCEL, Chrysa Joy C. -MAR 142
    1. Implicit
    2. Knowledge
    3. Song Playlist

  10. Clarice Redondo
    Clarice Redondo

    Redondo,clarice MAR142
    2. knowledge
    3. All I ever need.

  11. Yaun, Marian Judith P. Mar-142
    1. Implicit
    2. Knowledge
    3. My feelings

  12. Von Andrei Cabrera
    Von Andrei Cabrera

    Cabrera Von Andrei M. MAR142

    Knowledge (love)
    The missing piece

  13. Sheila Ann Surio
    Sheila Ann Surio

    Surio, sheila ann (mar142)

    1. Implicit/ Non-material
    2. Knowledge
    3. The notebook

  14. Solangon,Diana G. – MAR 142

    3.Sometimes you’re my happy pill


  15. Yalung, Andrea / MAR142
    1. Implicit/ Non- Material
    2. Knowledge
    3. The owner of my piece

  16. Kenneth Willie M. Layona
    Kenneth Willie M. Layona

    Kenneth Willie M. Layona
    BSBA- MAR142
    Sociologyn MQ2
    Because, as what literature professors always say, you should interpret poems based on your own understanding and you will be the one who can give titles for your own crafts.

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