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Untitled Poetry

Untitled Poetry

By The Poetess

Dust in the wind

You are my favorite what ifs but maybes don’t guarantee a lifetime of feelings – nor does reality I am getting over the butterflies you’ve given  me. In all of a sudden those fireworks are now  ashes – flying away from me. And you are now a dust in the wind – An unrecognizable part […]


Second chance – they say it’s sweeter. But won’t it repeat the past? With the same people involved. Same attitude. We love redundancy except that we fall short with our inadequacy. We aren’t much yet for ourselves.  How can we share it to others? Yet, here we are. Rewinding the same mistakes. 

Love in moderation

Make me fall in love with you in moderation because I can’t stop to want you more and  more. I am recklessly loving you. Unstoppable heartbeats.  Longings.  Sleepless nights.  Love makings. Those only happened in our minds.  The alcohol of love is sinking into our beings. Make me sober in loving you.  So I can never […]


You are carved in a stone for me to revisit you.  A past that must’ve been my today but didn’t make it.  Lost love – That’s what you are. Someone who’s remembered by chance.  You’re ignored, but never forgotten. *** If you liked this one, please check out more of my work under Poem by […]

When it’s your turn to lo...

To love is never easy. It’s like a battle I have to win everyday and I keep losing because I admit, I love you. And I sulk because there are hundred million of things I have to consider. Yet no matter what I do, I still end up thinking of you.  It’s painful to know […]

I am no sculptor. 

i am no sculptor to mold your heart to shape like mine; if only i could then i’d carve an SD card operated memory. i’d corrupt and  save a new, i’d like you to love me till eternity. 

Taste The Petals

A flower surrounded by the bushes, It wails with bliss as it streams  in red. The hard wood stands still, While the dog comes to lick the dew and taste the petals. 


Our love is the thread And I am holding you. You are the kite up there That I am looking up to.  Don’t worry. One day I’m going to set you free. When you can fly anywhere Without me holding you tight.  I just hope wherever you go, Know somewhere I am waiting for you. […]

Un-holding hands

Two hands inch apart, If only fingers could talk, They would beggingly say: hug me.

Nonexistent GF

it would come down to the point that whenever i fall in love, i have to compete all your exes  and they would ghost me because you’d tell me about them.  i’d feel little coz a part of you would compare me to her, how she flipped her hair, and how your heart skipped a […]