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The Poetess

Erratic. Playful. Poetic.

Kids Again

We could be like kids again, chase each other and just play, because life must not be lived in a hard way.


Home the ugly writers
you make my heart feel like a child, like someone who plays in the mud and still be happy of the dirt, like a child who longs for a candy, for something sweet and there’s nobody feels like home except…


i don’t know how, but a sudden jolt inside my heart tells me the melody of its song has changed

A bee stung itself

I wish to pretend I’m okay whenever you say ‘there’s no WE’ but deep down inside there’s an ocean stopping itself to form a tsunami. It’s like a breeze slapping me with cold reality. I’m like a bee stung with…

Just To Be With You

Just to be with you
As days come, I feel like I’m fading away in your life. Or is it you I’m losing around? Whichever will be, I want to hold you still with me.

If 3 years ago

If 3 years ago The Ugly Writers
Would the heavens allow us to meet in a different time in a different place other than in our time and in our universe? Could we exist in a different period because i’d still want us to meet and know each other?