The Poetess

The Poetess

Erratic. Playful. Poetic.

Water is like love

water is like love the ugly writers
Someone broke my heart into pieces but then you came and asked me, “Where should I begin fixing your heart?”

Kids Again

We could be like kids again, chase each other and just play, because life must not be lived in a hard way.


Home the ugly writers

you make my heart feel like a child, like someone who plays in the mud and still be happy of the dirt, like a child who longs for a candy, for something sweet and there’s nobody feels like home except…

Long Distance Friend

Long Distance Friendship
If I knew you were in pain I’d have come running into your arms and just be there like how the ground comforts the sky


i don’t know how, but a sudden jolt inside my heart tells me the melody of its song has changed

A bee stung itself

I wish to pretend I’m okay whenever you say ‘there’s no WE’ but deep down inside there’s an ocean stopping itself to form a tsunami. It’s like a breeze slapping me with cold reality. I’m like a bee stung with…

Just To Be With You

Just to be with you
As days come, I feel like I’m fading away in your life. Or is it you I’m losing around? Whichever will be, I want to hold you still with me.

If 3 years ago

If 3 years ago The Ugly Writers
Would the heavens allow us to meet in a different time in a different place other than in our time and in our universe? Could we exist in a different period because i’d still want us to meet and know each other?

I’m not saying I love you

the poetess the ugly writers i love you
we could watch the sun appears in the morning till sunset, we could talk useless stuffs till we get tired and sleep, and we could fight and hug each other in the end

If you don’t know I love you

If you don’t know I love you Watch the rain falls after a long summer time, when the flowers bloom again that add colors to the surrounding. Watch the sun sets every twilight and comes back every morning. It’s never…