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Strangers in disguise

Right now, I can’t pick myself on the ground and form it back like a lego toy. I am tempted to ask you if ever you’re free because I want to know what’s wrong with me and why?

It has been a while since you put a wall called silence between us…Maybe that’s how it broke us two? Isn’t that kills relationship? Long silence?

I mean, I might be wrong. Maybe you’ve lost your passion with me or anything. I just hone the guessing skills with you because I have to predict your reaction or actions toward whatever. Or maybe I am the one who is lost because I could never see the beauty of timing.

If I may ask, what time will timing come?

Sure, with my impatience I sounded assuming, overthinking, and ohhh choose the adjective of your choice that fits me.

I am damn tired. Terribly tired of understanding my needs as a person who longs for your presence in my life. I have this constant craving to talk to someone and that’s you. However, everytime I reach out to you, it seems like we are strangers. Too sad on how some people turn to act as strangers when they were once two happy buddies in the past.

I wanted to ask what happened. Just pure honesty. I want to be hurt by the truth than leave me hanging like this. This is really sh*t!

I wish to tell you this, but I suppress everytime I remember that you’ve promised nothing to me. And it’s the saddest thing to be attached to you. I really pity myself. I must admit it. Discovering myself to be vulnerable only means I could be braver, because there’s a room for the weaker me to develop immunity for pain and still be able to care despite of rejection.

What could have been the reason of pulling away?

I still wanna know (even it takes forever to know) because I only want to care better than I can right now.

Wherever you may be, I hope you’re always happy.

With ❤️. The Poetess

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