If you don’t know I love you

If you don’t know I love you

Watch the rain falls after a long summer time,

when the flowers bloom again
that add colors to the surrounding.

Watch the sun sets every twilight
and comes back every morning.

It’s never failing to share its light,
to bring again hope after a long dark time.

Watch a seed grow tall as a tree.
And bear fruits until it repeats every season.

Then if you still don’t know I love you, watch the river flows to the sea.

Just as how you cannot get hold of the water, that’s how unmeasurable the time and love I’m in love with you.

And if ever you don’t know yet how much I love you,

I always lost count of the stars whenever you cross my mind.

A universe isn’t enough to express my heart.

The Poetess

The Poetess

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