I remember my childhood

I remember vividly how my goals and dreams took shape

How my false hopes and ambitions broke me.


I remember falling in love

I remember falling out of love

I remember how love felt and what I did to achieve it.


Remembering is as important as forgetting

For remembering gives us retrospect and retrospects gives us vision

Remembering gives us definition.


I remember every ups and downs

Every laughter and tear

Every sadness and joy.


I remember reading about Amnesia

And how it removes all traces of who we are

The same but different you.


“A Man Who Does Not Know His Past Is Doomed To Repeat It”

For remembering who you were and what you are now

Is as distinct as our fingerprint, our DNA.


theuglywriter is like water. Put water into cup. Water takes the shape of the cup. Put water into bottle. Water takes the shape of an effin bottle.

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Marie Charisse

Memories will always be in our hearts and minds.

Jake Yñota
Jake Yñota

the happiness and the sadness of the memories that we’ve made will never be changed

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