All is Lost

This is basically a song I sang to myself in the nuthouse in the Hague after I was sedated and crashed from beautiful madness into terrible associative paranoia out of which I couldn't break free.

All Is Lost

I wore this sharp pin in my hat

They’ve taken it away

That’s why I know in here I’m trapped

And I can never wake up

They pricked me on their own this morn

And drained me of my blood

Their tests will soon be done, tomorrow

They’ll know I’m in fact a robot

I know they know, they know I know

The government wants me dead

That’s why the nurse said “I’ll be back”

And smiled before she left

I heard their helicopters then

Still circling right there above

Tomorrow one of them will land

And take my synthetic blood

To one of their secret covert labs

Where it will be tried and tested

And proven it can live on its own

I smoked forty cigarettes

And still I’m alive, that’s how I know

I’m a cyborg, immortal machine

From the future I came, where all is dead

To kill the Dutch king and queen

For this was the only way to change

The steady course of events

Which brings the rise of evil machines

And leads humans to certain death

But then they sent me, their final mean

Their one last attempt to stop it

But a nurse took away my little hatpin

And now I can never wake up.


Albina Rousseau

Albina Rousseau

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