if superficial beauty is a currency, can it buy love?

and you said no
coz you’ve been around the world trying to figure out how famine and war made people be hopeful

you wondered too why old people’s wrinkles speak about wisdom

why even how poor, they told you wonderful stories about life

even full of tears from losing their loved ones, why cant hey smile again like the sun never gets tired of coming back to earth

so everytime you looked at the queen you compared her to a rose

will she wither after a long time,

without her makeup, without everything on her body that makes her a queen

will you still be able to tell her beautiful after she lost her teeth

what is she like if she’s a slave, you asked.

can you still tell her beautiful? and you told yourself this:

you’d rather love a pawn who knows how to clean dirt
than a queen who creates dirt.

one cleans because it’s valuable

one wastes because it fails to see beauty beneath the surface.

some beauty are hidden in ugliness.
some ugliness are hidden in being beautiful.