“If you do love me, why don’t you tell me? Because otherwise, I will just end up believing that you really don’t.”

I would have gone to bed already if it weren’t because of that line above which reminds me of the conversation I had with Bb. E. You know, I must write some notes on this considering HEARTBREAK is like a fever – so common that everyone can relate to it!

Without further ado, there has been Mahal Mo Ba Ako? And Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita? lately, and they were drawn from the basic idea of either confessing one’s love for their significant other or not.

I’ve been very vocal on my stand on that and I can honestly say that I’d rather put myself on shame than keeping that feeling in me; like I dunno what to do with it as if it’s a volcano erupting inside my heart. So what am I gonna do with the magma? It’s a natural phenomenon.  I have no choice but to rain some lava to the person whom I allowed to make my heart get broken with.

It’s going to hurt the giver the most if it will be one-sided affair in the end. But it’s already given that love’s other twin is pain. What else is there to be afraid of? Besides no one loves without being left unscathed. Reciprocated or not. Both ends will always get hurt because of the suffering inflicted by the detergent called PRIDE! Like as if its bubbles sting into our eyes that could make us instantly cry!

I don’t wanna add up to the demographic data of sheepish individuals. My heart is always born wild and untamed as of now. I don’t think I will ever stoop down and be civil on matters with the heart. Love is a bomb I created in me. And yes, it always destroys and builds my sanity. I allow it to attract me than repel it, and to change and recreate me.

It’s always better to give away your feelings to the person because it’s always nicer to start a new love with a heart unloaded with ex-emotions.

It’s not easy. After all, love is a gamble that you need to take a risk. Your feelings will always be at stake.

One last thing:

As long as you love, you’ll always emerge as victorious. And that you need to find out why.

Experience is the best teacher.

With ❤️️ The Poetess