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To the future Mr. Lemon

Hi there,

Maybe you are wondering where I am right now and we should be together spending quality time and having conversation about our future.

But before meeting you I want us to have a great future together, I am still stuck here.

And I don’t want to disappoint you. Trust me. We will meet each other, soon.

I am still emotionally unstable,

I am unsure of many things,

I am still on the phase of building myself.

I am not yet ready to meet you, or maybe we already have met but as I have told you I am still not ready yet.

I have doubts, I don’t want to scare you but before giving you my heart I want to be ready and be aware of all the things that would happen.

I have issues, family, friends, past relationships and with myself too.

I am unapologetic, unappreciative and insensitive and sometimes oversensitive.

I always feel that people are trying to get away from me.

I over think, a lot.

I have a very very short temper, and I want someone to just shut up and hug me when I nag.
When we meet,

I hope you are wiser than the three wise men, because I am not.

I hope you are stronger than Thor, because I am not.

I hope you are braver than braveheart, because I am not.

I hope you are mature, because I am not.

I hope you are patient, because I am not.

I hope you are broad minded, because I am not.
I am looking forward to explore LOVE with you. Through that love I hope to find more meaning, more beauty, more reality of the world as well as more courage to set new missions together, more strength to welcome pains together, and more power to crush any obstacle that comes our way.
We will not be labeled as “I” and “YOU”. We will be united. We will be one. There will not be any ideology or mythology to follow. We will disappear within each other, in love, in a permanent light.
Please hold on, I’m sure I might not be the best woman or the ideal wife but whatever I am is all yours.

No, I won’t betray your trust.

No, I won’t let you go just because we’re so far apart.

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  1. Mars! Welcome sa uglywriters. Congrats on your first post. I love it. Hahaha nakarelate ako dito parehong pareho tayo. Magkumare nga tayo ?????

  2. Salamaaaaat. Hello sa kanilang lahat. Ang gaganda ng gawa ninyo.

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