Can’t we not be like the old times? 

Am I that easy to forget?
Might there be a sliver of chance?
Isn’t it time you address this?
Longing for you – are you
Longing for me too?
End my confusion
With your decision
How much I can take, I don’t know
At most, I’m waiting –
Trying –
Assuming, that there is still a chance
Make my day, or
Incinerate my hope
Take me again
Open up again
Yesterday, I wish it is still
Only you can make me whole again
Undo my misery

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theuglywriter is like water.
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Put water into bottle. Water takes the shape of an effin bottle.

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  1. Sometimes we think that the reason for a failed relationship is us, which is something inevitable. Being separated with the one we love can be hard as hell, but we must fight the urge to go back; we must move on little by little.

  2. Its not easy to move on, but if you know how to wait for the right time all the pain will gradually disappear.

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