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Footnotes To M & M’s Cause

Footnotes to M&M’s Cause


This is one lazy afternoon when I don’t get a bath yet while writing this footnote thingy. I just finished eating my lunch and it’s 3:11 PM as my clock says.

I was watching 50+ minutes interview of Malala before I hit the kitchen, sliced an apple into tiny bits and eat everything.

I missed eating hard. It’s just eighteen days after a surgery and another one is waiting after a month from now. It seems like life is passing by me the moment I have to go through the struggles and yet it becomes a rewarding thing to feel upon realizing how one person can be brave amidst pain.

I wouldn’t be here writing about pain if it weren’t because of Malala. Sure, I read her name in one banner news in the past, but I was not quite interested just as how I am now.

This all started with my fascination to the first lady of America, Michelle Obama, when I saw her Carpool Karaoke on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’ in the White House. The Essence Magazine which she and the US president appeared becomes a relationship goals for some couples as they show the real meaning of love. This ended up with her guesting as a co-host in Ellen Degeneres’ show. That’s where it led me to CNN’s interview with Malala.

Michelle and Malala are two different people with different cultures, but with one common goal –empowering women through education. But I have to say Malala’s story captured me.

I haven’t asked Siri yet who she is. All I know is she is a Pakistani girl who was shot because she wants women to be educated. She has a book and won a Nobel peace prize as Ellen said.

And so I buzzed her name after I saw Ellen’s, “Malala Yousafzai.” Then Paw asked me, “Is she the youngest Nobel peace prize laureate?” I replied, “I guess.”

I need Siri to confirm and I asked her help.

And there Siri gave me an info about her.

What is more wonderful about this girl is she has no hatred in her heart or bitterness towards the gun men. She said in one of her interviews that they could only shoot her body, but never her cause. That even death itself helped her to be alive. What else is there to fear?

I imagined myself few days back as I forced myself not to cry when the doctor injected me the anesthesia. I couldn’t be brave like her, I know. I couldn’t be as passionate like her (maybe), and God knows I have to be alive because I have to extend M & M’s cause. That I have to stumble on one of M’s vids because I am meant to write this, to be reminded of my purpose, and to help the world especially women.

Now, I am not alive to die. I am alive to educate.

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