What I Long

I long to laugh when you crack a lame joke,

Even there’s nothing to laugh at, I will laugh with you,

And even if I lost all my teeth,

I’ll be there beside you just to laugh at anything.

I long to kiss you when you’re angry,

Or even steal kisses when you’re busy,

I just want to kiss you – your fears away,

Kiss you even if you’re so muddy dirty.

I long to cook you for breakfast,

And to tell you good morning.

Even if you go to work, I’ll be thinking of you,

To tell you good afternoon in silence.

And to make moments with you at night.

I long to meet you in the distant future,

If ever I can’t see you anymore,

Pls know I’ll always love you.

And I long to be with you. Just. Be. With. You.

The Poetess

The Poetess

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