breaking up with a friend

Breaking Up With A Friend 

Even breaking up with a friend is at par with breaking up with a lover. Moving on is not exclusive to lovers who go their separate ways.

Ever got stuck in a “friendship” with nowhere to go? Like suddenly you don’t know what happened. It’s like listening to the long pause of toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot! Utot! (Aww, too much oooooo there??that made you utot. Hahah.)

Seriously, have you been the hugotero or the hugotera lately because of you want to end your friendship with someone that even cooking pancit canton there’s a hugot you made. (Para kang pancit canton, instant! Instant nagmahal, nasaktan, at nagmove on!)

Oh there you have it! I made the lamest hugot ever up there. Hahah.

So much with that. I don’t have all my brain cells with me now. Hahah. They are also breaking up with me, too. ?✌️️

Going back, it’s sad to end your friendship with that someone. If only rugby could put back all those pieces altogether then that would be nice. But there are certain broken items that could never be what they were before that all you have to do is to throw them away. Like how being friends with someone.

I remember someone from the past whom I asked if he could be my friend. Like literally saying: Can you be my friend? And he was surprised because most of the time, when it comes to friendship, nobody really asks somebody like that. Because of my insistence that I wanted a reply, he then said yes.

He didn’t ask anything about why. (Why do I ask.) But at the back of my mind, I was over analyzing already our situation. If one of us will fall to the other, of course the guessing game will pop up and yeah, it will be painful to know that the other doesn’t want the friend to be a lover. You know, it’s the millennial’s trending game of love. The sawi individuals. Nagmahal. Nasaktan. Nagmove-on. That gasgas line. ? (High five mga sawi!)

I think it’s the lady that falls fast than men. I dunno this is not swipe saying, but that’s how it goes in most cases. ?✌️️

Must admit I was ready at my age to fall in love and be taken cared of by someone whom I really trust. Although true, a part of me has still this fear of screwing up my relationship to others that made me (I think most women) feel confused and jealous.

I must say it’s very woman to feel those emotions above, but I was also considering my sanest mind. I could not set aside my brain nagging me for my heart. For me to be able to find true happiness, the two must sync in.

I wasn’t afraid of rejection. In fact, I am so honest esp with my feelings. I don’t really care what society tells. After all, they’re not going to feel the pain but it’s me. I just need clear endings, no hanging emotions left or whatever! Since it’s always better to start fresh, endings must be properly closed, right? Ehhh, if I may ask you, do you feel at ease when you left the door of your house half closed? The same analogy that applies to my relationship.

There is not a single love that is painless. Even breaking up with a friend is at par with breaking up with a lover. Moving on is not solely exclusive to lovers who go their separate ways. It is also for those who loved sincerely who, in the end, is left taken for granted.

I think that was the most wonderful heartbreak. Being in love. With. Your. Friend.

❤️️ The Poetess

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