When you are single for the longest time, you are most probably the subject to teasing or subject of discussion among married or taken friends. And you’d hear some say: “You’re being left out,” “Your age is nearing expiry from the calendar,” “You deserve to taste some heaven,” and sometimes people would joke that being single is the cause of why you are so grumpy. Then everyone will try to set you up with friends of friends or casual friends on a date or rather as textmates/chatmates first.

They will give you advices to try considering in a relationship because love gives rainbow to your black and white universe. Without telling you that love is about all the shades of gray. Lecturing you every now and then without asking how do you really feel about commitments and the responsibilities tangle being in it.

Sure, they can talk about their performance on the subject of love and how did it go with them and you’re still a “noob” after so many heartbreaks, the “not so best” or even “failure” in that field. However, truth be told, that not all realities that they experienced are true to you. Not because you’re single it means you have nothing – no feelings – at all.

How surprising also to find out that some of those people who showed concern to your love life have only stressed out their dropouts or so to say, they’re trying to make you study their back subjects on their behalf. I mean, theirs and yours are different since ‘no books are the same.’ Yet, you still end up listening to them as if retaking their own love story which you already know how it ends.

You are aware that all love stories that never worked out well could not be contributed solely to the issue of falling out of love because the spark has died off. And it’s neither the fault of the stars nor the chemistry. Some has to halt it because one’s character has changed differently from the other. If only it’s easier to cure upbringing and mindset, then it would have been easier to love and not be single anymore.

Moreover, you remain single not because Justin Bieber told you to love yourself, but because it’s always necessary to love yourself first before you can actually share love to others. And you’re not only looking for superficiality, but you are looking for a flexible individual who would adjust his/her behavior/beliefs/emotions not because s/he loves you but because change is relevant to the growth of relationship.


Love hurts because changing is hard.

❤️️ The Poetess