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Starting Today

      Starting today, I will not think of you. I will try my best to leave everything in the past and move forward. 

      Starting today, I will stop whining and start rebuilding myself from the self-destruction I did because of you. 

     Starting today, I’ll change my outlook in life. I’ll constantly remind myself that I deserve better, that I am good enough, that I will be loved by the right person in God’s perfect time.

     Starting today, I will accept the things I cannot control, let things flow and be open minded.   

     Starting today, I’ll take risks and give myself a chance to love again.  I’ll take time to heal, to smile, to laugh and to be happy.

     Starting today, I’ll clear my mind with the hate, with my thoughts of you, with the what if’s, the should’ves, could’ves, would’ves…

     Starting today, I will learn to open up myself more to others, tear down those frigid walls, burn some bridges and create new and sturdy ones. Starting today, I will create a new me; a strong-willed woman, careless but wiser. 

     Starting today, I’ll keep my mouth shut, be taciturn to things I have no control of…

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Ms. Taciturn
I am decisively indecisive. A paradox. A woman.
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MOve on and enjoy your life…

Jasan Denise

Magos, Jasan Denise – MAR142
Sociology MQ2
This article falls under the theory of individualism because the article is like saying “I will not run anyone’s life—nor let anyone run mine”

Vincent Raymond Fernandez

Vincent Raymond Fernandez
CIV162 Art Appreciation MQ2 DEPTH OF FIELD

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