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By Ms. Taciturn

Turning Point

    Have you ever encountered that one turning point in your life and say it would’ve made a difference but unfortunately you blew it up? I can say I may have encountered so many chances and/or maybe given up those turning points that eventually ended fast before I realized it or I might have […]

To the guy who was never mine&#...

     I guess this is the time to say goodbye… I remember someone asked me, “How can you break up with someone, who was never yours in the first place?” A difficult question -a mind boggling one. And so I asked myself, how can I? Like, how am I supposed to say “Let’s call […]


I’m not a poet… I don’t know how to be one… But when I think of you… All inhibitions are gone… It changes every hue… My hand starts to write… Then everything I want to say… Becomes everything about you… Your voice, Your smile,  Your jokes and your kisses… I always remember… I’m keeping them […]


What’s life like when I’m with you? Hmmm let me see…  The second time that we decided to meet, I was a little anxious to see you. It’s like, 80% of me was excited to be with you, but the remaining 20% were full of doubts and fears.  That day, I went to you where […]


The day has come to test my patience. The anticipation and anxiety are on its highest levels. I am still wondering if this will really work, and what can I do to make things work and still sustain the good feeling.  Long distance relationship is a struggle… a challenge… a true test of love, trust, […]

A Christmas Gift

     I had this belief that Christmas nowadays is for children only. Why? Because they are the only ones who are excited to celebrate Christmas – there are gifts everywhere, they are excited to see their cousins, go to places, visit other relatives, join many reunions… It seems to me that kids are really […]

D Day

     I met you online. The time you liked my post started everything. You tried getting my attention and you did. Read your profile and I got interested to know you more. Had that impression that you too, are a person who’s not afraid to show his emotional side. And then we started talking.  […]

Moonlight Reflection – Da...

I first came to Tagaytay many years ago, saw its famous views but didn’t get to appreciate its unique beauty-to me it was just another place to take a souvenir photo.  Been there, done that.  And so years later here I am again… Travelling to see what Tagaytay has to offer beyond what I know […]

In between

I’m caught in the middle of the “in   betweens”…  In between giving up and holding on…  In between being positive about life with you and the other way around…  In between pursuing you and just let things flow as it is… In between regretting everything and making it memorable instead… In between being happy […]

Starting Today

      Starting today, I will not think of you. I will try my best to leave everything in the past and move forward.        Starting today, I will stop whining and start rebuilding myself from the self-destruction I did because of you.       Starting today, I’ll change my outlook in […]


I hate you, are you aware of that? Maybe not. I hate you because of the bad things you’ve been doing to me. I hate you because of the lies you said, the games you played, the stress you have given me. I hate you because I’ve learned to hate myself even more. I hate […]