Depthless By Ms. Taciturn

At times, you will meet people who you think will have a good influence in your life. You’ll think that they’re lifting you up; You think they will be your inspiration in doing well with your life. Then suddenly you’ll realize that they were just passersby…they were not meant to stay and be with you through your ups and downs. They were just there for the meantime… They were not meant to stay. It’s either they were there to give you lessons in life or the other way around…

Having some ideals or goals in a relationship is not bad, but the problem is falling short of your expectations. Question is, can you accept the fact that you did not meet what you’ve expected out of that relationship, or if not, what are you going to do next? For that reason by not meeting these expectations, conflicts arise. It’s not your fault if you think you have failed the other person or you yourself in that situation. It’s about how you process yourself and still hold on to what you are as a person. It is in how you deal and manage yourself thru these times. The thing is, you have to realize that you are capable of giving more goodness to yourself even if that love and respect you shared has not been returned to you. If in that case, you still can treat yourself better than before and you can give more value to it, by loving what you are and realizing your worth, then that is the time you will be able to share that wholeness of you to others without any hang ups or prejudices…

I guess that’s what unconditional means. You can give and share and just keep trying to show the better you, even if they don’t. If they can’t realize your worth, it is not your problem anymore. Sadly, maybe that’s how shallow their world is.


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Ms. Taciturn
I am decisively indecisive. A paradox. A woman.

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I appreciate your article

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Danielle Beatrice Permejo

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