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 Imagine one day waking up and finding out that the foundation of your own very faith, since you were a toddler, is suddenly turned upside down…that someone or circumstance suddenly pulled out the rug you have been standing on for a long time under your feet…that day you realized that there is actually no bearded man with a kind face up in the clouds. Does it matter?

If you were brought up a Christian, maybe facing such possibility will make you indignant and will turn you against the institution or person claiming that the basis of your belief is nothing but a myth. Isn’t it so? But, at this point in our life, we do know that Christmas Day is not the birthday of Jesus; that Thanksgiving Day was actually first celebrated after the butchering/stabbing/shooting/burning alive of 700 men, women and children of an Indian tribe; and that Santa Claus does not ride sleigh drawn by reindeers up in the sky to distribute gifts via chimneys. Yet, despite that knowledge, we still choose to teach our youngsters the same beliefs and traditions we grew up with – perpetuating the stories we already knew as myths but projecting them to be truths. Of course, the kids will grow up one day and it is up to them to find out and deal with it come their maturity. Not our problem. Leave it to circumstances.

Nevertheless, let me consider this…would it be so bad if Jesus Christ was, in reality, a mortal being like the rest of us? I have read books including Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code and watched documentaries relative to theories and researches as to the questionable divinity of Jesus. Does it bother me at the slightest? The answer is no, not at all, not at the least. Why not? Divine or no divine, married or not married, nothing will ever change his message of love…he taught the religion of love and compassion and kindness…much the same way the Dalai Lama is teaching the same tenets in the present day. Look at the message and not the messenger – that is always the principle I follow. What other things colored Jesus’s teachings was not of his own doing but rather the designs of people that wished to control humans. It was the interpretation of the teachings made by other people that resulted to this current divide…that is true even with other religions, I think. The mistake lies in the preachers not in the prophets and saints.

The religion infographic

The way I am seeing it, presently, we have three options – the cult of religion (any of the numerous each offering the way to eternal salvation), the cult of science (always logic and reality as object) or the cult of nothingness (transcending the ego/mind). Please take note that by cult here, I only meant great devotion or belief but none of the destructive kind that we normally associate with this term.

The cult of religion promises us utopia…sacrifice now for rewards in the afterlife. But is there an afterlife? Has anyone seen anything conclusive and absolute to support that claim? Nothing, of course. Otherwise, the whole world will be united in just one religion today.

The cult of science is a cult of reason…believe only what you can perceive or extensively applied with logical theories that can be explained. Uncomplicated. No Santa Claus. Yet, despite the advance of technology and the knowledge we have acquired, no one can really claim to indisputably expound the origin of mankind and the universe.

The cult of nothingness is both the easiest to grasp and the most difficult to do much less achieve because of the challenge of dealing with works of the mind. In this case, we are asked to believe and realize truth past our perceptions…beyond the objects we see, feel, hear, taste and smell (contrary to science). It places the responsibility to be happy on us (contrary to religion where there is the Man in the Clouds who can save us) – our own selves, and no one else. It requires absolute believing to the divinity of human…the oneness of all beings…the non-purpose of the mind and all the objects it projects once the person awakens to the illusion. It entails the need to use the heart for seeing what is seemingly evident but we, time and again, fail to realize. There is no creator as we think the creator to be…we are our own creators.

God is us. God is love – the bliss and light. And there is no other way of achieving it but to believe in it. Let me borrow some wisdom from Amma that I stumbled upon the page of Rama Devi Nina Marshall“Love is a sudden rising in the heart. Love is an unavoidable, unobstructed longing for oneness. There is no logic in this. It is beyond logic. So do not try to be rational about love. It is like trying to give reasons for the river to flow, for the breeze to be cool and gentle, for the moon to glow, for the sky to be expansive, for the ocean to be vast and deep, or for the flower to be fragrant and beautiful.”

Right now, we are like insects entangled in spider’s web. We are pulled two or three ways if we happen to see the path…otherwise, we are just blindly following the cycle of life and death forever seeking pleasure and experiencing discontent and misery once the fleeting happiness goes away. We try to assign meaning to our existence by achieving something tangible; by trying to prove to ourselves that we are better than the rest. Toiling and toiling for nothing because in the end, we will still meet death. We will die and will be eaten by the same kinds of bacteria without prejudice and bias as to who or what once we were. No one ever cheated death…no one can buy their way out of it. Therefore, being somebody in this world is a futile effort.

I, every once in a while, came across quotes about striving for something so that you leave a good memory behind…well, that reminded me of how the Nobel Prize came about…because Alfred Nobel (the Swedish chemist and engineer who invented dynamite) wanted to be remembered in fond memories. Nice sentiments, really. But, tell me, if you are dead and not aware of the love and respect you wish to have when you are gone, then what is the point of it?

Memories, for me, just like funeral wakes serve the living and not the dead person…the living relatives are consoled with the fact that other people see meaning in the existence of their kin who died. Does the dead cares? In heavenly bliss, he/she would not give a heck whether he/she touched your life or not. The curtain already closed. His/her atoms will go back to space probably subject to next recycling or not.

Therefore, I think, it is best to work our own way out of the entanglement…to re-find the truth. Non-attachment to many people and things that make us who and what we are helps in saving us from pain and disappointment. Love for the sake of loving. Give for the sake of giving. Be kind for the sake of kindness. Not because there is eternal salvation or reward for that…but because, in itself, it is already the liberation we are seeking.

Tangled in the web…

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  • Allie Bazar Benito

    Benito, Alimoding B MAR142

    1. Implicit/Non-Material
    2. Faith/Religious Belief
    3. “The One that We Call God”

  • Marian yaun

    Yaun, Marian Judith Mar-142

  • Armel Carreon Jetajobe

    1. Implicit
    2. Religious belief
    3. Cross of life

  • Abigail De Jesus Labayne

    Labayne, Abigail D. (MAR 142)
    1. Implicit
    2. Religious belief
    3. My Savior, My Redeemer.

  • Marynel Castañeda Balisi

    Balisi, Marynel C. (Mar142)
    -Religious belief

  • Clarence Anne Bituin

    Bituin, Clarence Anne R. (MAR142)
    Religious belief
    “Our Father”

  • Von Andrei Cabrera


    1. Implicit
    2. Belief
    3. Our own Mt. Golgotha

  • Sheila Ann Surio

    Surio, sheila ann surio

    1. Implicit
    2. Beliefs
    3. Our God reigns

  • Chiara Navarro


  • Marynel Castañeda Balisi

    Balisi, Marynel C. (Mar142) Family planning
    1.) Fiesta, Christmas celebration, Bayanihan, Holy week, Simbang gabi
    2.)The oneness of mankind in Muslim, Spring Festival of chinese.

  • jenalie osida

    Jenalie S. Osida (MAR142)
    Mktg mgt
    1. Our family principles and values, the rules and regulation inside the house, the rules for using the WI-FI, giving rewards for achievements,creating our family economy.
    2. high-culture & sophisticated taste in millenials (such as classical musics, opera etc.), the diversity of different religions

  • Clarice Redondo

    Redondo, clarice MAR142
    1. FIESTA, CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION, REUNION, all souls, all saints day.
    3 death anniversarry.

  • Maria Maise Ann Apigo


    1. We do celebrate Christmas, We do celebrate birthdays well, Rewarding yourself for your achievements, celebrating All Soul’s Day, and having rules inside the house that we need to obey or else we will be punished.
    2.Celebrating Children’s Day and Hampyeong Butterfly Festival just like in Korea.
    3.Rewarding yourself for your achievements.

  • Abigail De Jesus Labayne

    Labayne, Abigail D.
    MAR 142
    1. We always pray before the family
    gathering starts (Birthdays, Family Reunion every September, Christmas
    and New year celebration, and Summer Vacation) we also celebrate the
    September babies of the family because 10 of my relatives are
    celebrating there birthday every Sept and we considered it as our Family
    Reunion. My parents also pray for us before we leave our house.
    2. Family Dance or Karaoke Party, and Chinese new year celebration
    3. God centered Family.

  • Andrea Yalung

    Yalung, Ma. Andrea F./ Mar142 / Society & Culture with Family Planning
    1. Strong Faith in God, Close Family ties, Hospitality/welcoming visitors, Respectful, Helpfulness/ Generosity
    2. Fast changing cultural trends and appreciation in best selling books and films
    3. Cheerfulness

  • Allie Bazar Benito

    Benito, Alimoding B. MAR142

    Society and Culture with Family Planning

    1. 5 inherent culture
    -We don’t eat pork in the family because we’re Muslim.
    -We should study well to meet our parents expectations.
    -Use of “po” and “opo”.
    -Passing of Family Recipe
    -Praying 5 times a day

    2. 2 specific Cultures you wish to have
    -Birthday Celebration of family members
    -Celebration of Christmas Season

    3. -Being family-oriented

  • Chiara Navarro

    2 specific cultures I wish
    Celebrating Chinese new year
    Exchanging gift on christmas eve
    reading /Finishing 3 books a day

  • Kenneth Willie M. Layona

    Layona, Kenneth Willie M.
    BSBA- MAR142

    1. Five Inherent Culture
    – Wearing cultural attire like “bahag” in Ifugao during festivals.
    – “Magkatay ng Pigs” during thanks giving parties where every relative and neighbors are invited.
    – Hugs & Kisses during family reunion.
    – Going home to province every Christmas and summer.
    – Praying when you wake up and before you sleep.

    2.Two specific cultures I wish to have
    – Making a bow when greeting people.
    – Occasionally Bible Sharing

    3. 1 culture I currently have that I wish others will acquire/follow
    – “Magkatay ng Pigs” during thanks giving parties where every relative and neighbors are invited. Share your blessings! hahahahahaha

  • Justis Jeremy Rivera

    Rivera, Justis Jeremy

    1. 5 inherent culture
    Birthday Celebration, New year celebration, Christmas, Fiesta, pagmamano
    2. 2 Cultures I wish I have
    Living in a Non Sectarian country , Black Friday/ Thanks Giving
    3. 1 Current Culture I have I wish others have
    Not having to believe into something that isn’t proven yet.

  • Madel Olveda

    Olveda, Madel P. (MAR142)
    1. Five inherent culture
    – Christmas celebration, Family gathering, Rewarding yourself for an achievement, Participating in planning of activities to be done during Fiesta, Holy week.
    2. Specific culture you wish you have
    – Chinese new year, wearing of traditional clothes in some events.
    3. Culture you currently have that you wish others will follow
    – Participating in planning of activities to be done during Fiesta.

  • Armel Carreon Jetajobe


    1. Five Inherent Culture
    – The use of “po” and “opo” to respect the elders.
    – Going to church every Sunday.
    – Exchanging gifts on Christmas Eve.
    – Eating Lunch and Dinner altogether.
    – Watching movies every weekend together with the whole family.

    2. Two Specific cultures that I want to have
    – Eating and Shopping every weekends.
    – Going to park to exercise twice a month

    3. The culture that I wanted that others to have is going to church every Sunday with complete family members because I can actually observe that there are a lot of Filipinos nowadays that going to church only with their girlfriend/boyfriend that create barriers with his/her own family.

  • Diana Solangon

    Solangon,Diana G.

    1.) Five inherent culture
    – “Pagmamano” to the elders before we go out and when we got home.
    – We still use “po” & “opo”
    – We go to church every Sunday
    – We eat together atleast every dinner
    – We tried our best to be complete every Christmas eve

    2.) -thanksgiving
    -bowing as sign of respect (like what koreans do)

    3.) -Pagmamano

  • Lylla Katrise Benedicto

    BENEDICTO, Lylla Katrise

  • Adrienne Josh Malanna

    Adrienne Josh Malana Mar 142
    1) 5 inherent culture
    • Sign of the cross when we pass by a church as a sign of respect
    • Using of “po” and “opo” to the elder
    • Fixing our bed after we sleep because we believe that it is a good hobbit to have a good start in our daily lives
    • We don’t leave our food until it is finished because our family believes that wadting of food is like wasting a blessing
    • Leaving of slippers before going inside someone’s house
    2) Having bible sharing frequently
    Celebrating Chinese New Year
    3) Celebrating Christmas

  • Marian yaun

    Yaun, Marian Judith
    1. Five inherit culture
    -The use of “po” and “opo” when talking to elders.
    – Eating at the same time altogether.
    -Completing the simbang gabi every December
    – Going to vacation with the family every summer

    2. Specific cultures that I want to have
    – Experience thanks giving
    – Bowing as a respect.

    3. Culture your currently have that you wish others will follow
    – Celebrating Christmas going to simbang gabi and giving gifts to one another

  • Sheila Ann Surio

    Surio, Sheila Ann D. (MAR142)

    1. Five Inherent culture

    -Going to church every sunday
    -Christmas Celebration as a whole family also with relatives.
    -Using “Po and “Opo” to the Elders
    -Going home to Bulacan province every Christmas and newyear
    -Having a great time with family every sunday.

    2. Two specific cultures you wish you jave

    -To celebrate a “Thanks giving day”
    -To travel with my family once a month

    3. The culture that i wish that others have is to celebrate a christmas with their family, As i observe not all the filipinos celebrate a christmas day for a reason.

  • Dianne M. del Rosario

    MAR 142

    1.) Five Inherent Culture
    * Saying po and opo to elders
    * Pagmamano
    * Going to church every sunday
    * Eating dinner altogether

    2.) Two Specific cultures that I want to have
    * Making a bow when greeting people like in korea
    * Bible study

    3.) Celebrating Christmas

  • Mareill Galicia Magno


    1. Five inherent Culture
    -Christmas Celebration
    -Use of “PO and “OPO”
    -holy week
    -“pagmamano”- showing respect to elderly
    2. Specific culture you wish you have
    -Reading books
    -Spending a lot of time with my dad

    3. Culture you currently have that you wish others will follow
    -“pagmamano”- showing respect to elderly
    -Celebrating Christmas

  • Charles Golamco

    Golamco, Christian Charles Louie M.
    ARC 132

    Photography is one way of saving the memory and appreciating one scene. In architecture, buildings are treated as sculptures, monuments, and prize. They are built with as dwelling for people with different kinds of use. Photography in architecture allows locals, tourists, and architects to appreciate what has been created for the people. Since photography has different elements and effects, they are being used to compliment and enhance the scenery of the structure. It adds drama to the building which could invite people to visit the place. As a future architect, the consideration of people taking pictures of the building during occupation would give more sense of appreciation for the building exterior. Designing a remarkable structure with aesthetically pleasing exterior would make people appreciate architecture more, and make the designer grow in experience.

  • Rietschle Carpio

    ARTAPP – ARC132

    Photography and learning about its elements and effects (and how to apply those) would help me become a better person because as I go on about it, I eventually noticed that it’s already teaching me about patience (getting the perfect shot for instance). In addition, it could help me become more passionate about what I do as a student taking up architecture and a person who has an interest in photography itself.

  • Mary Grace Hadlos

    Hadlos, Mary Grace A.

    It was then a glimpse of circumstances where I actually realize how photography and knowledge of different element and effects helps me not just to be a better person but ofcourse being a student of Architecture. .

    In Photography different variations of effects can use to make the subject more creative and exquisite to look at, same way with Architecture. It is also a process. Lot of patience must be consider taking this course. It takes time to plan. It is complicated more than you think, ‘this program needs focus and passion- means loving what you do, coz when you love something even if it’s hard you can stand with it. Architecture build moments and deals with people by the sense of different concepts of design. .

    Just like photography means, it is the art and process but with the sense of taking pictures or moments. Effects can put on in every scenes. Per shots that was taken requires alot of patience also to capture a high quality image. It also needs creativity to be able to capture the best shot.

    Above all to make this short. This really make sense that photography helps me to appreciate more about art- not just art but to appreciate life. ” How this two different thing had relations, That different elements and effects are essential in all kinds of art.

  • Abrielle Natasha Reyes

    Reyes,Abrielle Natasha S.
    Be Wise Enough

  • Jasan Denise

    Magos, Jasan Denise – MAR142
    Sociology MQ2
    This article falls under the theory of ethnocentrism because it shows one’s own culture (Religion)

  • Aileen Miranda

    Miranda, Aileen C.

    1. 5 inherent culture that I have in my family that I’m proud of.
    (a) Using “po” and “opo” to show respect to the elderly and the authority.
    (b) The spirit of sharing and giving every Christmas season.
    (c) Buying “pasalubong”.
    (d) “Larong Pinoy” like sungka, patintero, tumbang preso, etc.
    (e) Eating “kutkutins” together like kornik, mani, etc.
    2. 2 specific cultures I wish I have.
    (a) “Simbang Gabi” – Attend and complete the nine dawn masses during the Christmas season.
    (b) Wearing traditional clothes.
    3. 1 culture I currently have that I wish others will acquire/follow.
    (a) Pray. Put God first in everything you do.

  • Rietschle Carpio

    Carpio, Rietschle O.
    Depth of Field-

  • Jiselle Capillo

    depth of field