Harping by a Pixie

Harping by a Pixie

An entrepreneur by day, dreamer by sundown. A curious, irreverent and mischievous soul who loves books and places which would explain why writing and travel are my passion.

HONESTY AND INCORRUPTIBILITY: In reaction to Universal Truth and Accepted Truth

honesty and incorruptibility theuglywriters
Fake news? Truth be told, if anyone is looking for a 100% credible news, then you will not find it in the media. All the news that are there are fake news. Each is driven by a force and a motive. Listen to the leftist’s version of it. Listen to the rightist’s version of it. Both are not pure. Both have agenda and self-interest --- both are protecting their own goddamned asses --- and both are touting their ideals (errr, own interest) in the guise of nationalism

IF Only

if only

If only we can be true to ourselves And say what is in our hearts Then maybe we could say That we are truly happy and free If only we can be strong and brave In wearing our hearts in…


When joy comes in your life Let it rest in your hand Like a dainty butterfly But hold it not As one day it will pass   When sorrow comes a-visiting Receive it with open heart Look at it with…

How To Make Your LDR Work

Sella Tania
Sella Tania guest posts and provides five tips on how to make any long distance relationships (or LDR) work

Be In Good Company, Be Good Company

“The principal admonition in the Great Tradition has always been: ‘SPEND TIME IN GOOD COMPANY.’ Although it is not really appropriate or even possible to reduce the Great Tradition to just one principle, we could say that if there is a most fundamental principle…