When joy comes in your life

Let it rest in your hand

Like a dainty butterfly

But hold it not

As one day it will pass


When sorrow comes a-visiting

Receive it with open heart

Look at it with courage in your eyes

But embrace it not

As one day it will pass


When love comes by

Live it by the moment

Drench in its colors

But attach yourself not

As sometimes it, too, does pass


Life is a temporary thing

It comes and it goes

In this timeless, endless space

Fret not about anything

Good or bad, it will end


Wise is the person who

Knows how to live

Day by day, night by night

Without roots, without bondage



Live life with gusto

With lotsa laughs and smiles too

Take it not so seriously

It is just a cosmic joke

A dash of humor will go a long way

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  1. Darlene Guarra

    People come and go because that’s the cycle of life but before it’s gone make sure that you don’t have any regrets.

  2. Letting go is the key to happiness ??

  3. A big part of growth is letting go.

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