Dear Life…Just Be

Dear Life... Just Be By Harping by a Pixie

It is true what they say…when you learn to sit down and just be, the pieces will start falling down to where it should be.

As humans, we have that built-in survival mechanism that drives us to be constantly vigilant against imagined enemies and fears. We have that need inside us to be always on our toes; always on fight-or-flight mode – as if we are continually under some kind of threat. Haven’t you noticed that yourself?

And because of that instinct we tend to be driven and aggressive. We work for our dreams thinking that by achieving we would feel satisfaction and peace…that by acquiring we would gain security and privilege. Against what or for what, we do not know. We believe all our sacrifices are meant so that we can enjoy a good life in the future. Yes, that precious but always distant future.

While we are at it, we also tend to be protective of ourselves that we unconsciously would build walls to fence our life within…to make us inaccessible and invulnerable. We never truly learn the act of giving without strings attached or the act of loving without condition and expectation. And many times, we do kindness because, in our minds, we believe (unintentionally or unconsciously) that it will be returned to us in dozen folds anyway.

We are caught in this cycle – of chasing life, of chasing reasons that provide us pleasure. Life is the train and we are but passengers in it. However, instead of putting down our baggage so we carry nothing and we can go through the journey peacefully and conveniently, we choose to shoulder the burdens like a valiant but stupid soldier. We made the choice but at the same time would eternally lament our misfortune and sufferings.

Why the foolish need to prove ourselves? Why such obsession to build something that would serve as our monument when we are gone? If in death we are glorified, would we still hear the praises and compliments? Would it matter? Would it bring us to the next realm if such does exist?

Being revered or judged by history does not bring anyone any good. Truth be told, there is no such thing as authentic history…except for memories of those whose stories have taken precedence because of victories in wars and their capacity to dominate. Many of those were subjected to human recording error and modification; most likely exaggerated to serve someone’s interest or purpose. And yet, we cling to them like they were truths written in stone.

The hustle and bustle of life keep us busy and distracted and before we know it, the time is up. And yet, we realize we have not done enough…there is still so much left to do.

There is a thing that is far more important than the castles we are building. That thing is called living…not just breathing or existing…but living – with flowing energy, joy and sense of wonder because we notice life, the people in it and the beauty of creation.

So, once in a while, we should learn to sit and just be…breathe the air, feel the breeze and watch the unfolding of miracles before our very eyes. Then we will find that happiness we have been searching far and wide. To top it all, when we become still and quiet, we will also see that things do not need fixing as they eventually fall into the right places when there is calm.

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  1. We as humans, have to make sure we stay true to ourselves. Great post, great thinking!

  2. Surio, sheila ann d.
    Sociology MQ2

    Individualism because you have to live life to the fullest. As many says you only live once.

  3. Benito, Alimoding B.
    Sociology MQ2
    This article falls under ethnocentrism because its judging the traits of a person’s towards what life really is.

  4. Cantuba, Ma. Rinzele L.
    MAR 141
    Sociology MQ2
    This article falls under ethnocentrism because it talks about a person’s outlook in life.

  5. Castillo, Jan Ericson S.
    Sociology MQ2

    It is all about individualism because it suggest that we should live our lives to the fullest. Quoting from the article above, “when you learn to sit down and just be, the pieces will start falling down to where it should be.”

  6. Del Carmen, Cherry Ann
    Sociology MQ2
    ethnocentrism because it talks about a person’s preconception in life.

  7. Cadena, Mira Claire B.
    Sociology MQ2
    It falls under Ethnocentrism because it tells about person’s perception in life.

  8. Jose, Renzo Angelo D.
    ARC 131
    Sociology MQ2
    Individualism. For the article speaks about enjoying one’s life.

  9. Ablaza, Jian Jacob S.
    Sociology MQ2
    Individualism – tells about we should live without expecting others

  10. Quimson, Glenn Anjeo M.
    ACR 133
    Sociology MQ2
    Ethnocentrism – Talks about a person’s preconception in life