HONESTY AND INCORRUPTIBILITY: In reaction to Universal Truth and Accepted Truth

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Does honesty still exist? Is there a single person who is incorruptible? Of the 7.5 billion that are alive today, is there such one soul that stays true to its core and cannot be bought?

I was reading a piece written by my friend, Roel Umali Hernandez. He is the creator of The Ugly Writers, a literary site. He is also a university professor, a sociologist, a writer and a communications specialist. The article that stirred my reaction reflex was entitled: “Universal Truth and Accepted Truth”. (click here to check it out).

I suspect it was penned not to educate us on the proper definition of either truths — the reason behind runs deeper. It is, I believe, a reaction to current events but the author chose not to delve into it for good reason. Sensible people are too tired to even care about politics. Too jaded to even hope that there will be real change. He discussed the definition of truths to perhaps help people see — to perhaps put things in the proper perspective. Yet, in a world of superficiality where blind followers are prevalent than deep thinkers, would his voice be ever heard?

“Nothing is more dangerous than a man who thinks he is right” – he said. I agree. Nothing is more dangerous than stupidity. A man who keeps insisting his truth is the “right truth” despite being presented with proof proving otherwise is, indeed, a stupid but quite dangerous entity. A man like that could ignite people to go to war without realizing they are fighting for a wrong cause.

He posed this question at the end of his write-up: “Which side do you belong? Are you the kind who fight for what is right? Or the kind who fight for what is convenient?”

Fake news? Truth be told, if anyone is looking for a 100% credible news, then you will not find it in the media. All the news that is there is fake news. Each is driven by a force and a motive. Listen to the leftist’s version of it. Listen to the rightist’s version of it. Both are not pure. Both have agenda and self-interest — both are protecting their own goddamned asses — and both are touting their ideals (errr, own interest) in the guise of nationalism. Pathetic. Nothing irks me more than this bloody hypocrisy. Nothing irks me more than people insulting the intelligence of the populace thinking that the same has lost its ability to discern and understand the unspoken truth.

What is disheartening is the fact that everything and everybody else is already eaten up by greed for power and superficiality — both political and religious leaders, all forms of media and even the academe.

Someone writes a provocative criticism of a person who is against the administration. Many people jumped on the bandwagon depending that truth. (It takes a lot from me to ignore such articles. It takes a lot to keep quiet, ignore and move along. However, that is what I do these days.) The other side, of course, is not lacking supporters and has the same ability to write fiery literary pieces that could make many people nod their heads in agreement. Both of them are parading their passionate criticism and counter-criticism pushing different sets of people to raise their arms to fight and support whoever has the convenient truth for them. Again, pathetic. Socrates would be shaking his head if he is alive today. Probably he would be shaking his head so that his neck would eventually break.

There is no absolute truth. Every form of truth, universal or accepted truth, is tainted with lies – doctored, spun to suit someone else’s interest and ideal. A man can only see either the front or the hind of an elephant; so, how can he know the absolute truth? He only has a piece of the truth. Not the wholeness of the truth. Therefore, not an absolute truth. At best, any truth, thus, is an illusion.

An entrepreneur by day, dreamer by sundown. A curious, irreverent and mischievous soul who loves books and places which would explain why writing and travel are my passion.

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yes it’s true that sometimes truth are not true…

Abrielle Natasha

Reyes,Abrielle Natasha S.
Life and Works of Rizal
We should that we can deny fact it is not vert bad to tell the truth even if we do bad to other people


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Jelou Kim C. Laporbida
FIN 144
Life and Works of Rizal

There’s so much truth and lies that we are blind to so it is better for us to wake up and stand up for what is right.

Christaniña Joy Daligdig
Christaniña Joy Daligdig

It’s true sometimes

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