Universal Truth and Accepted Truth

Fake news and fake people. We have lots of these in our generation. In the age of social media and fast internet connection, you would think that it would be easy to know the truth right? if so, then how is it that a lot of people still fall for fake news?

But fake news is not the topic at hand. Our time is too valuable to even debate such atrocity.

We live in the era where there are two kinds of “truth”. The first, universal truth, is what is indeed right, correct and valid. This is the truth that is real and fugly. The other one, the accepted truth, is the kind of option where people are more comfortable with – whether it’s real or not. Sometimes, people choose and stay with a decision they find more appealing or easy. You can even call this as fascism.

Truth is never subjective. There is only one. But opinions vary. Sometimes, people who strongly believe their opinion feel that their side is the right side, even if it’s quite the contrary. Nothing is more dangerous than a man who thinks he is right.

Which side do you belong? Are you the kind who fights for what is right or the kind who fights for which one is more convenient?