Universal Truth and Accepted Truth

We live in the era where there are two kinds of "truth". The first, universal truth, is what is indeed right, correct and valid. The other one, the accepted truth, is the kind of option where people are more comfortable with

Fake news and fake people. We have lots of these in our generation. In the age of social media and fast internet connection, you would think that it would be easy to know the truth right? if so, then how is it that a lot of people still fall for fake news?

But fake news is not the topic at hand. Our time is too valuable to even debate such atrocity.

We live in the era where there are two kinds of “truth”. The first, universal truth, is what is indeed right, correct and valid. This is the truth that is real and fugly. The other one, the accepted truth, is the kind of option where people are more comfortable with – whether it’s real or not. Sometimes, people choose and stay with a decision they find more appealing or easy. You can even call this as fascism.

Truth is never subjective. There is only one. But opinions vary. Sometimes, people who strongly believe their opinion feel that their side is the right side, even if it’s quite the contrary. Nothing is more dangerous than a man who thinks he is right.

Which side do you belong? Are you the kind who fights for what is right or the kind who fights for which one is more convenient?

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  1. I Would choose the universal truth because i still believe in facts. I amca person who only believes if I see it on my own eyes or if i experienced a certain thing. I do not just listen to hear-say because i will just be the loser in the end if I don’t have any evidence that it is true.

  2. Abrielle Natasha Reyes
    Life and Works of Rizal

    I would choose the universal because I believe that everything is being fine just to say the truth with anyone else especially admitting our own mistakes and saying the truth would serves as the lessons to move on to our lives and this will serves a lessons to do a such great things to anyone


    Universal truths are absolute truth which all people are affected. For example, all people will get sick, all people will get old and all people will die. An accepted truth is a belief in nature, it is something that you hold on even without verifying it. For example, the standards of the society which people normally do everyday like their responsibilities in paying taxes and going to school. We all believe in the universal truths and accepted truth. But what makes truth right? In the context of the article, a truth is right when you fight for it and it is also right if you find more convenient. I believe that not all truths are worth fighting for. For example, when someone is dead, you cannot bring them back to life. But there are truth that are worth fighting for because it is convenient for us like seeking for justice, equality and progress. People are stucked in this reality and human nature states that we are naturally greedy, we fight for what we want. So be it.

  4. I think I would still choose the universal truth rather than fooling myself with the accepted truth. It may be more easier to choose the accepted truth since it is more convenient, and for the meantime by believing on that I will be contented; but I don’t think I’ll be completely happy with that, in the long run I will still seek for the universal truth that would give me peace of mind. In the end, we may have different views/opinions but we are all bounded by rules and restrictions, it doesn’t make something a valid truth just because it is convenient.

  5. People who dwell with the truth are those people who value honor and integrity. But let’s not forget that sometimes, choosing the right thing to do causes pain and agony.
    Our world is filled with lies, so in times of confusion, you should strive for the right information. Don’t let yourself look dumb like those whom outrageously share unsupported facts online.

    Excercise integrity so that people will trust you. Don’t be the boy who lives in a small village who shouts that there is a wolf and cries for the villagers’ help even though there were no wolves. He did that for several times, just to have fun by tricking the other villagers. And when he was in the woods again, he encountered a big wolf, he shouted for help but this time none came to help him. In the end, he suffered.

  6. I would choose the universal truth, because for me telling the truth and making someone cry is better than telling a lie and making someone smile. Also, people always wants the truth because for them the truth may hurt for a little while, but a lie hurts Forever.

  7. For me I choose to stay with the righg path. because I’m a type of person who fight what is right. I always seek to excersice my integrity in life.

  8. For me I would choose the right decision better than the wrong decision, because you may hurt someone’s feeling for being a liar better to know the truth because they deserve it.

  9. Additional answer:

    I always wondered what if the best answer is not in the choices? I mean, we always undergo this vicious cycle of choosing the truth we or others want to believe. Perhaps what I can say is, truth is a matter of relativity. Sometimes, being able to able to weigh which kind of truth you need to use in different is situations is better. It is more of which among the choices of truth is the best or in some cases, least worst.

  10. Jelou Kim C. Laporbida
    FIN 144

    I am a kind of person who always fight for what is right and I don’t mind losing friends because of that at all. We are human, we were given a mouth and it is meant to be use to voice out what our hearts want say. You will never be go wrong for getting up and standing up for your rights cause it is better to be loved by everyone for who you are than you are not.

  11. FIN144 RIZAL

    For me, I’ll stand with whatever is true and right. Truth always prevails. Why do we need to choose what’s convenient if you have conscience, it will hunt you like forever.

  12. RA 6789 “Universal Truth Law”

    – states that whatever it is, Universal Truth will always be the right one. If anyone will be against with this will be charged penalty.

  13. Shaina Mae C. Elnar

    I believe that truth is very necessary in Globalization when innovations render old teachings and values obsolete simply because truth is everything, it is the foundation of people’s learning. No one wanted to live in a lie or to believe a fake news. In this generation false information are everywhere especially because we are living in a time where in disseminating information is very easy. But of course we don’t want the next generation of learners to learn lies that is why knowing what is true and learning facts are very important. It was also important to tag along security for facts and truths while achieving globalization and improvements specially because we don’t want to lose accuracy.

  14. Rouvi Arensol (ACT 185)
    I belive that the truth still important in Globalization even though innovations render old teachings and values obsolete it simple because the truth is our foundation, the foundation of all things. The foundation of all people who want of learnings or who want to learn. In other word truth is everything because no would want to live in this world or in their life in a lie. Today’s generation we all know that fake news is everywhere because with the use of technologies or social media it’s easy to manipulate the truth, to change the truth. I don’t want the next generation will experienced this atleast in development or innovations or change of our world truth will revealed but with assurance that this is not fake or wrong. And if i will choose in the question i would choose UNIVERSAL TRUTH because it is important that people will know the truth that is facts, with eveidence or concrete evidence and not only a truth by other’s opinion or by saying that it is the true. There’s many thingd in this world that we don’t know the truth like ths secret of the bible, the big one, when will be the end of the world, who is the true drug lord, who is the true criminals and victims and all the events in the past. So i think if we don not use any values and we give up in old teachings then it is important for us to have or still the truth in ouserlf for the sake of next generation because we don’t want them to live in fake informations or manipulating the truth.
    We can say that this world conceal the truth but in every question that comes in our mind it only answered by ouself lets just be true to ouself and not be fake like a news or informations.

  15. Dhan Carlo V. Garcia

    Truth is much more different from what we usually know. It is unvarying and it should not be manipulated. Truth gives us way to live peacefully– wherein everyone can go without any worries and doubts.

    Universal truth gives us standards of which one should be considered. Without verification, we are right to the eyes of the other people. To the extent, living here is not only about what is good for yourself; indeed, making sense and doing what is better for everyone of us. Humans are created with integrity- which is very essential nowadays.

    People should live with standards and should not depend on the things that he/she feels right or valid. It is the reality that what we fight is based on what we want. Humans promotes greediness instead of cultivating the integrity within themselves. However, though it is natural for the people to have their opinions and it is empirical, we still have to be controlled by this kind of truth.

  16. Lourdes Bilaya (ACT 181)

    As for me, I believe that in globalization, the truth is still very important even though innovations render old teachings and values obsolete. The truth must apply all time, simply because the truth covers everything. In this world, we should prevail only the truth not on the lies because truthfulness creates a peaceful world. On behalf of the question above, i would choose the universal truth which more about what is right, correct and truth. In our generation today, ‘fake news’ become rapidly popular in social medias in which people do easily belived on that, and fall from it. We people must aware on what is truth and what is lies. We shouldn’t easily believe on that. Thus we must criticized first the information given and find some proofs or evidence of it. We shouldnt be fool on fake people wrong doings. Therefore, we must prevent those false information for the sake of the next generation by voicing out some possible solutions in order to dissapear this bad habits, because we dont want that the next generation will be able to adapt and learn what is wrong and lies. So we can be assured that on next generation there is a big changed when it comes to this matter.

  17. Obiña, Regienald G.
    ACT 185
    For me truth in globalization is so important to fight with it. Living with integrity in life and being honest with what you see and what you did will lead a man to success. Innovations rendering old teachings and values obsolete is wrong. because what is the essence of fighting the truth if you are teaching obsolete to other people!

  18. Aira Michaela M. Berog ACT185
    I choose Universal truth because I still think before I believe. I know how media works, it is full of lies. I search many sources just to know what is the truth. I find the truth with my own eyes just to believed. I don’t want to be one of those people who are accepting the truth where they feel comfortable. I just the same with the quote “it’s okay to cry with the truth than smile with the lies.” Would you rather like to smile even if the things/information given you is fake? is lies? No right? We aim for the truth so believe only in the truth.

  19. Bea Marie C. Palentinos
    Globalization is unpredictable but is it all based on truths and facts. We can never say of its effect not until we place ourselves in it. Truth can either inspire or destruct an idea, through is simpleness and understanding.

    Too much convenience can result to inability to do something and soon be inconvenient. So I say that I will strongly fight for what is right, not because it sets us free but it helps us to be better in decision making. Fighting for what is right is not an excuse of a possible debate or argument of something, it is what you believed in and it is crystal clear. I do not care if I am all alone who fights for truth, I do not have to mingle with others proclaiming for what they accepted as truth. I will be true to myself.

  20. Marcelo, Marjory M

    The truth is still important in Globalization despite the fact that innovation rendered old teachings and values obsolete because we can never live in a world full of lies. Just like the quote saying “The truth will set you free”, the truth will help us to realize a lot of things in life that will help us to know what to do. Yes, the truth can hurt us but it will only hurt us if we will choose to. The truth must stay and let the innovation do its thing because nothing, not even innovation or ourself, can change the truth and this is the hardly fact that we should remenber.

  21. Angara, Gimer C. ACT181
    The truth is the our basis on how we decide to do things knowing the truth makes us more aware about our surroundings ,truth is important in globalization, because of it we learn about other nation who they really are or what they do,whether we liked to adapt their culture and traditions we base our decision to what we know as the truth, in our modern world lies are dominant than truth, lies covers up the truth but whatever happens the truth always find a way to reveal itself and teach us lessons.

  22. Elaiza Mae Coratibo ACT185
    Truth is prerequisite in globalization because if not, the economy, culture, politics and the like will be affected. Old teachings and values might be also true but because the generations have been passed, there is always an innovation which are the old teachings and values might develop and some of it could not be true, it is also because of new researches and ideas. Yet, we should still preserve the truth and be aware of what is right because for every time that there is an opinion and everybody agrees on it, we think that it is right even if it is not. Truth still important to help each group, society, and even country to build up and grow however, if fake news prevails there might be having a chaos.

  23. Luigi V. Cruz
    ACT 181
    The truth is really important to us. Many fake news have been disseminate today because of media today. Many opinions you can see on media today and you do not know what is true and what is fake and we need to be more smart and careful for what we will believe and do not depend your knowledge on the media today. Be smart of choosing the right source of information.

  24. Reyes, Ma. Jessica D.

    “Know your place!”

    This generation,we cant deny that there are a lot of mixes of races, culture and traditions, ideas and mre all over the world brought to us by the fast soreading globalization. Bit no matter how much the world change we must always know our place on it. This is for us to remember where and when we should stand for ourselves and to those people we are concerned about.

    As I have said earlier, “know your place!” because in this world we can only be either the one who order rules or the one who obeys the rules. If we know where to stand then we can have the freedom to fight for our rights because it is ours and no one should take it away from us.

    From the movie Gung Ho,twk races were dominantly competing with one another claiming that they were the best. Either way, both of their characteristics brought lessons to one another as the movie ends. Because of that i admire both of the leaders of the two races, Mr. Stevenson of Amerca and Mr. Kazihiro of Japan who firmly stand strong for their country, their people and culture. They were both brave to carry their people’s problems and make ways to help hem though sometimes the hardships they encountered make them wanna feel like giving uo but they didnt. They remain strong as much as posible to give an assuring loom to their people that everything will be fine..

    But honestly, though both of them possess good characteristics though in contaradicting manner, still one of them stands out, its Mr Kazihiro.

    I am #teamkazihiro because he knows his place. He knows when to work silently, when to follow rules and when to voice out when their is really something wroung. Because of this concerns of his co-workers reaches their boss though at first he didn’t get any support from his co-employees as he reason out, they might be afraid of losing their job if they do support Kazihiro. But this Japanese leader is strong willed and he knows that he is walking on the right path so he continued to voice out and prove something. Another reason for me to admire Mr. Kazihiro is that I saw his dedication and passion to his work, co-workers and even to his family though he might seem like he does not care at all. And last but not the least reason is that he’s always organize. As for a leader who will lead a group, being organize is important because everyone depends on you. Once you are chaotic then everything that will follow will go the same. #TEAMKAZIHIRO for the win!

  25. Reyes, Ma. Jessica D.

    Is the truth still important in the globalization when innovations render old teachings and values obsolete?

    First and foremost, the truth is the only truth even when nobody else believes that it is. As we go along with globalization we can notice that a lot has changed, many has upgraded, there are new discoveries and inventions and also there were things that have gone. Anyway as most people said, this is just part of moving on.

    As we move on, we make more change and forget the past. Along the way we meet new people that unawarely influencing us. Thus, our set of knowledge that we have been containing all these years if our existence were receiving additional informations. Sometimes legit and sometimes not but is accepted in the society anyways. We sometimes are passive and our brains are just accepting new informations because we are hungry of it. But sometimes what happens is that we are bloated with lies. We tend not to make critical analizations of the informations we gather around us. Therefore the truth is neverjustified for us. The universal truth which we can know on our own with the help of our conscience is being denied especially when the majority shouts for the truth that they thought is true but not. They say majority wins therefore its easier to accept and support the truth that everybody believes in. But remember just because you are different doesnt mean you are wrong. If your heart says that this is the truth and you have proofs to support your claim stand for it and hold it tight even if its you against the world. It might be risky to go against the flow but if its the truth that you have with you know that in the end it will all be worth it. Crossing a rocky and wavy river holding on to the truth is never a waste of time, energy and beliefs because this is the only thing in this world that will never change.

    Dont be afraid to tell the truth even if they call you “oldies” for believing it. Know that even if its old still it is a part of your being that made a foundation of good teachings and values that made you what you are today. Always remember what Jesus Martin B. said, “adapting what is in yet retaining what should be”. Dont make being a passive citizen of this world your career. A life is worth living if the truth is in our heart. It creates peace and assure us that we are on the right path.

  26. In today’s globalized world, I can say that the truth will never be forgotten even there’s a lot of inventions will come. The truth is still important in Globalization even it paved way with innovation. Why? Because there is only one truth, “Truth cannot be ignored for it is the ultimate reality of our existence”. The truth serves as the guide on what we should believe. Truth means everything.
    As we can see in our globalized world, specifically on social medias. Fake news has been spreading all throughout and it leads to misconception about a certain information due to easy access on medias. It is sad to know that people sometimes read false information and it became their perspective. To eradicate this kind of misconceptions in media, netizens should be more responsible on spreading truthful information. It is not right to take off the truth, specially in today’s world. Put on mind that truth will lead to success of you life.

  27. John Loyd Lopez
    ACT 181
    Definitely, TRUTH is still SO important in terms of Globalization. It will lead each country to be more globalized but sometimes truth is the main reason why some people get confused or out of their mind and insensitive for the feelings of others for the sake of their own good. Because they want to fight for what they’re believed in and it is what we called Accepted Truth. But for me Universal Truth is more important. It exhibit the benefits and interests of all or what we called as Common Good. Remember, always choose the best for many not only for few or should I say the best for all of us, because “Truth will set us free” Free to do things that will lead us to be good or a better person. Don’t just rely on what you see or what you’re believed in try to put yourself in another person\s shoes for you to understand them and that is the TRUTH!

  28. Tero, Axel Jan D.

    Telling the truth is still important in globalization’s innovations render old teachings and values obsolete as it help us to learn from other people. On our generation we can experience fake news around the country by just surfing through the net etc. For this situation many netizens don’t want to trust other people that they met through social media by the influence of the fake news. So for me globalization should contain truthfulness not only here in the present but also in future.

    ACT 185

    In today’s globalized world, I can say that the truth will never be forgotten even there’s a lot of inventions will come. The truth is still important in Globalization even it paved way with innovation. Why? Because there is only one truth, “Truth cannot be ignored for it is the ultimate reality of our existence”. The truth serves as the guide on what we should believe. Truth means everything.
    As we can see in our globalized world, specifically on social medias. Fake news has been spreading all throughout and it leads to misconception about a certain information due to easy access on medias. It is sad to know that people sometimes read false information and it became their perspective. To eradicate this kind of misconceptions in media, netizens should be more responsible on spreading truthful information. It is not right to take off the truth, specially in today’s world. Put on mind that truth will lead to success of you life.

  30. Establecida, Adriel ACT181. Truth is still important to Globalization. Specially in the world of social media. What we see in social media is unpredictable if it is true or not. Many fake news is spreading out. This makes us confused in making desicions. It can change people’s life and ideas so, for me think smart, think wise in what will you beleive. The truth start in our selves. If were not true to our self . It is hard for us to notice what is the truth and a lie.

  31. Alliah Mae B. Acosta
    Act 185
    Yes it is still important because its their right to know the truth eventhough old teachings and values are no use nowadays beacause of innovation due to Globalization

  32. TEMPERATURA, Ma. Sophia S.J
    ACT 181

    Truth? It is important for all of the people to know what really the truth is. But what if the truth is being manipulated by the fake news and by the fake people? It surely affects our own way of thinking and our opinion. We all have our freedom to choose on what will you believed in. But you must think the people who will benefit and will be affected on what will you choose. In choosing the truth, you must consider what is the best for many and not only for few. Globalization has a big effect on what is really the truth and what are the lies is. Like in using social medias we read different comments and reactions from different people in a particular issue and just by reading it, it affects our own way of thinking and our own opinions about that issue. Universal truth is much more important than the accepted truth because it is indeed right, correct and valid than the accepted truth and it surely benefits more people. Remember that in our every opinion and choices it always affects our lives and sometimes it also affects other people’s life so believe on what you think what is right.

  33. Leslie Totana (ACT 185) For me yes, truth is still important in Globalization when innovations render old teachings and values obsolete. i think in all aspects of our live, the truth always varies. Yes, many people nowadays (including me) sometimes disregard what the truth really is. wWe tend to see what many people do and for some of us we consider it as a truth. Although it is not. Cause not all the things that is doing by many people is the truth , sometimes few people are saying the real truth but many people says it is not. we tend to disregard that person because many people are saying its not. then truth is not because many people are doing/saying it is right. The number of people does not vary the real truth.

    Its undeniably the case. You can’t argue with the truth. How can you expect the world to adapt or gain a certain innovation if you wouldn’t tell them the truth?, and on the other hand the truth will always be a necessity to anyone especially to the world when it comes to innovations which renders past teachings and values. The truth is important and it will always be.

  34. Adrian N. Albos
    ACT 185
    In Globalization, I believe that truth is more important because, in our generation, we can encounter fake news around the country by simply surfing through the internet and etc. And also I’m a person who believes in what I see not just understand what others saying. Because there is a big difference between listening to someone’s experience and having that experience ourselves.

  35. Alivia, Patricia May B.
    ACT 185

    Yes, the truth is still important in Globalization when innovations render old teachings and values obselete. There are always different sides of the story. What he said, what you said, and what is actual story. For me, we have different experiences so we have our different perspectives. We should be careful in spreading the truth and choosing the wiser in every action.

  36. Silva, Hershey E.
    BSA- ACT185

    Truth is important and will always prevail in any aspects. As they say, truth is never be subjective. As globalization invades the world through the help of technology, truth is still important. Innovations may help us in so many ways, making our life more easier, faster and comfortable. However, in this world full of glitches, innovations may not be cover or conceal the real thing. In the end, truth will shall prevail.

    Old teachings and values from the past bridges us to past up to now and for our future. Always remember that truth will always be the key to reality, more opportunities and covered lies. Furthermore, always think that truth may hurt for a little while, but lie hurts forever.

    “Lies runs sprints, but the truth runs marathons”
    – Michael Jackson

  37. Villanueva, Christian Jay Dl. ACT185
    For me The truth is still very important in Globalization when innovations render old teachings and values obsolete. Why? Because we’re living in the era where everything is developing so fast, there are things you may think that is true but you’ll regret in the end because everything you believe on was a lie. Truth is very important in all aspects it opens up our eyes to the reality either it’s positive or negative it’s just the acceptance where people got difficulty. Living in a world full of lies cannot set us free, only truth will do. You may be in full of grace because of a specific thing which satisfies you but what if there’s a lie behind it? Regrets will be at the end obviously, it’s better to be hurt with the truth than comforted with a lie. Thr truth says it all, there’sno replacement for it

  38. For traditional beliefs and superstitions the truth about this is modern days now is not recognized anymore.
    Now technology in our daily lives applies and the truth about this in modern globalization is that every inch we used in household, offices, shops/supermarkets, schools and other establisments is run by technology. Therefore, the old teachings and other beliefs are not important now and not recognized in modern world/globalization.

    Bea May C. Gacus – ACT181

  39. Ma. Ana Jane E. Alberto
    The truth is still important in Globalization and will always be important. It is the basis of everything, we cannot know if a certain thing is true or lie without basis. If our world is full of lies it will affect a lot of things and people. I’d rather know the hurtful truths than to live in the word full of illusions. We must spread and give the truth because it’s hard to live in a world that full of lies.

  40. KATE S. RAMELO ACT.181
    People need the truth about the world in order to thrive. Truth is important even though innovations are rendering old teachings and values obsolete. It does not matter whether the world is innovating, it doesn’t change the fact that we should stay on truth not on fake or false information. The world still needs truth to grow perfectly and in good track. Spreading fake news will just turn our world into fake world, as many people knows fake it becomes their truth. It doesn’t mean that innovated technologies will end up believing in fake.

    We must teach other people to say only the truth for it will help them live with dignity and pride spreading the true information to others. It is better to stay in the world full of truths that the fake that becomes their truth.

  41. Lawa, Jireh Grace C. ACT185
    I would still go with the universal truths. Even it would hurt much, it would be better than be fed by sweet lies. Everyone should accept that reality sucks. So enough with fooling yourself by convenient lies, since it is way more better to be aware by the truth and make a decision to fix it. Soon, you will learn something from it and won’t regret that you choose to be wise.

  42. Fatima Mae Mendoza Act (181) I choose the universal truth, truth that valid and right. Because people who not under the truth is like telling a lie that protecting the present and has no future. That universal truth teach you to be a good man or good woman and will be honest no matter how painful the situation you will state the truth. its better to face a sad truth than to be happy at a wrong fact. People change by the wrong fact and that has no foundation of truth. nothing is left to you when you are telling or state-ting the truth, then at last you can enter the severe of acceptance. Acceptance of everything you encounter that challenge you without a truth is better too.

  43. I believe that truth is very vital in Globalization when innovations render old teachings and values obsolete simply because truth is everything, it is the foundation of our knowledge and learnings. I don’t want to see our next generations live with lies because I believed that lies run sprints, but truth runs marathons. Meaning, there will not be an improvement in our lives when we will be stack up in lies. Another is that, as we can see nowadays, fake informations has been spreading all throughout due to the easiness of disseminating and manipulating informations that’s why it is also important to have a security for facts for us to not lose precision. Lastly, it is also necessary for us to be a responsible netizens simple because truth start with ourselves.

  44. Villacorte, Rachelle Anne M. ACT 185
    For me the truth is always the solution for everything even if the truth hurts. I also believe that truth should never be deprived to anyone because it was our right as a human and above all no one wants to be lied of. Even if there are lots of innovations or changes happening everyone deserved to know the truth. Some may chose to just accept the truth because it is convenient but for me we should never choose what is convenient, we should always choose and know what is the truth because not all things that we see is the truth, sometimes truth is hidden from all of us or deep within.

  45. Villas, Jeryleen C. ACT85 I would prefer the Universal Truth since on my perspectives, I believe that the truth will always remain its value. it wouldn’t matter whether we are on a modern society or a liberated culture, the thing will always be based on the facts. No matter how great the Globalization is nowadays, the truth shall be the basis and the basic need in order to attain the real success and satisfaction in life, career and economy.

  46. Jemaica M. Terrible
    ACT 181
    The truth is still important in Globalization despite the fact that innovation rendered old teachings and values obsolete because we can’t live in the full of lies. Truthfulness is the greatest and most important of all human virtues. Truthfulness means to speak the truth habitually. As truthfulness is a great virtue, truthfulness is a great voice. A liar is hated by all. Truth is knowable. We may not know truth exhaustively, but we can know true truth. God has made us and the world in such a way that truth can be known. That is, while the finite can never grasp the infinite, if the infinite takes the initiative and reaches out to the finite, then that infinite truth can be known to some extent.

  47. Mendoza Kendall Anne N

    The real truth should not vary on what the majority thinks as stated to the accepted truth. I believe that the universal truth should still be considered in every decision making. People who express what they think are the truth but otherwise, are merely just an opinion.
    An example of a universal truth is the rules. No one is exempted to the rules whether people are aware or unaware.
    For example is the “no jaywalking” policy. Just because many are not obeying this policy, it doesn’t mean that jaywalking is not punishable and that could be an acceptable truth.

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  50. Arrianne Joaquin
    INF 181
    I chose I am Android/iPhone Fangirl

    In our generation, no matter what model or kind of phone you have, as long as you can communicate or socialize through the net you can choose whether you will use iPhone or Android, they both have same similarities. The news that you can read in iPhone, you can also read it on an android phone. Some said that iPhone is most reliable and easy to use phone but android also has that kind of agenda.

  51. Dilawan/Dutertard? I chose Dutertard,
    the 5 reasons why Dutertard is much better than Dilawan, because for me:
    1. He is bringing up peace and prosperity to Mindanao and he also prioritize the safety and security to ordinary citizens;
    2. He fights against drugs in our country;
    3. He fights corruption in our country;
    4. He strengthened our allies;
    5. He is a decisive “man of action”.
    In short, I chose Duterte not only about his agenda but because he is more on action than words compared to liberal party.

  52. I’m a long time android user and highly recommend it to everyone. The 5 reasons why to choose android over iphone are the following:

    1. It is affordable
    2. It’s much easier to use than the Iphone
    3. Much faster than Iphone
    4. More apps can be downloaded
    5. Android has expandable memory

  53. Android # 1 I recommend it to almost everyone.

    The 5 reasons why to choose Android?

    1. It is Affordable and Fit to your budget.
    2. Long Life Battery
    3. Easy to Unlock/Reset when you forgot your Password.
    4. Free Apps in AppStore
    5. EASY TO USE.

  54. iPhone ||
    I’m an iPhone user for 4 years and I’m loving it. To tell you why, here’s five reason why you should choose iPhone:

    First, it’s basic no need to install a lot of unnecessary things or app that will consume your memory.
    Second, it has security features that’s only made for the user like the advanced fingerprint lock.
    Third, application/s won’t crash unlike android.
    Fourth, many applications are made just for iPhone.
    Fifth, it’s universal and available worldwide. You can ask others for help.

  55. I am an andriod user, I tried to use iphone once but it more hard to use it because there are some tools that I don’t know and hard to understand that’s why it’s more convenient to use a andriod because I barely know how to use or how to fix it, if it is broke inside or outside.

  56. I’m an iPhone user for a year now and all I can is:

    1. because my phone is 5s it is more handy rather than my last phones.
    2. it can detect wifi faster.
    3. advanced finger print is a must nowadays.
    4. if your phone is lost you can detect it in find iphone and you can see where it is.
    5. we all know that iphone has a better camera feature than android.

  57. I am a Kapuso certainly because in this age, the universal truth is essential. Every tv networks has their strengths and weaknesses. Well, the Kapuso network maybe lacking on the entertainment-aspect but to assess their News and Current Affairs; we can all agree that the Kapuso are surpassing every networks. And I think, that is what we really need right now. Some useful information that could help us to our advantage. I remember their taglines on one of their segments “lamang ang may alam” and it really boils down to this. Nowadays our knowledge with the universal truth help us greatly to contribute to our communities. Even though it may seems ugly, the effect of it sooner or later will become prosperous.

  58. Ralph Darryl Oliva

    I chose to be a Kapamilya. The ABS-CBN has been airing in the Philippine television for decades and provides quality shows that is entertaining to every Fiilipinos not just in our country bu tall around the globe!
    The ABS-CBN News is one of the best news provider in the Philippines and it is authentic and we are confident that we are getting the right news provided by their team. Choosing being a Kapamilya is a right choice a person can make to avoid fake news.

  59. I chose to be an Android fanboy in terms of this topic and i chose Universal truth because we all know that Android is really the best Gadget in our world because its more convenient to use and more innovated and for me that is the universal truth the accepted truth is the Iphone why? because its not really a convenient phone it has several concept that is hard to adjust and this accepted only by some of us because of its beautiful and awesome look and this is the trending also why they just accepted it to be a better one. I notice that many of us choose the accepted truth because of some things that it gave to us but if we think that if we accept the universal truth it will really give us the real essence of life that’s what life is.

  60. I choose android than iPhone why?
    1.It is more much easier to use than the others no exagerrated privacies or what else before you log in.
    2.Skills > Beauty
    3.Friendly user its seems that Android #1 recommended phone for the first timer who will use phone


    Certainly, I am a full blooded Kapamilya. Ever since I was a child, I open my eyes with a kapamilya TV program. My family always looks for credibility especially with News and Current Affairs. Many Kapamilya news reporters and programs have been recognized internationally in different award-giving bodies. With these, it assures us that everything that they convey to us are always reliable and true.

    Knowing information or news that are Universally True are our priority as a family. Kapamilya, never failed us. They give us news that are timely and relevant to everyone, especially to Filipino Citizens all around the globe.

  62. I’m an android user. though i tried using Iphones before but I don’t like some of its feature, tho’ it’s a good device.

    5 reasons why I choose Android:

    1.) Majority of the population uses Android.
    2.) Prices fit your needs.
    3.) User friendly
    4.) Much compatible to different devices

    -khrysshia domingo

  63. I choose to Android over iPhone because:

    1. I find it harder using iOS than Android
    2. Has a longer battery life
    3. Android fits my taste than Apple phones
    4. There are apps in android that the iOS doesn’t have.
    5. Easier to use

  64. im an android fangirl
    1. It is more friendly user than iphone
    2. Cost
    3. It offers the same features but its friendly user
    4. playstore offers more affordable and free app.
    5. All of our family member is android user

  65. I am an android fangirl mainly because:
    1. It is more convenient to use and many people uses android phones than iphones.
    2. It is more affordable. You can actually buy an android phone in a less price with a much bigger screen than the iphone.
    3. Iphone’s customization is limited. It offers few unlike android that has thousands of themes, widgets, and such as much as you want that will suit your taste.
    4. You can choose from numerous designs and sizes with various features for your gadget.
    5. Free download of apps, music, and such from any source.

  66. I am an Android fangirl, because it has specifications that really convenient for a student like me. It also opens a lot of opportunity to develop more applications and games for a developer. It has amazing features and has a lot of application to use.
    1. Its affordable
    2. User friendly
    3. Long lasting battery
    4. More advance features
    5. Convenient

  67. Menor, Sherwin Ray N. INF181,

    I am an Android Fanboy because:
    1.) I use android ever since it came out.
    2.) apps in android are a lot cheaper and easier to use and customized.
    3.) i could consider android as an 2nd P.C due to its accessibility and portability especially in files.
    4.) Android phone where a lot cheaper that ios /iphone.
    5.) easy to work with in terms of system UI and accessibility.

  68. CJ Dizon

    If I would choose between android or iphone, i’d rather pick the one who is friendly user and convenient in many ways. Android is powerful in terms of mobile development, a huge number of customers are choosing android due to its conviniency. It is easy to learn especially for developers when they are utilizing platforms. It can also download free apps that is why most people are using android because of the cheap apps. Nowadays, android is powerful and it is dominating other OS. Lastly, IT students like me are capable of learning android development because we have backgrounds of programming.

  69. I am an Android fan girl because:
    1.Long live battery even if the phone
    2. It is easy to use
    3. It is affortable/ fit to your budget
    4. You can download application free
    5. Graphics/ Specs of the phone

  70. I believe universal truth is better. Facing the truth is like facing reality. It enables us to see what really is happening. It is our own decision to accept it or not. It is better to know the truth than believing in something that is not real.

  71. In terms of politics, I would choose Universal Truth. As said Universal Truth is somewhat considered as Real and True, unlike Accepted Truth they are from other people’s belief. If Politicians would use and practice Accepted Truth, it would cause chaos and pandemonium.

    (1) Well as a Dutertard, I do believe in him on his every action he makes even though he is taking risks. (2) In terms of Universal Truth, I do believe our president also practice Universal Truth, that he makes action by that truth even though is not acceptable to some. (3) For me, he is somehow between of being a Liberal and a Conservative president, because I noticed that when he made laws he somehow at the neutral side. (4) I chose to be a Dutertard not because “nakiki-uso lang”, but how he performed when he was a Mayor does really interests me. (5) Lastly, he has the charisma that intrigued me more

  72. Dan Rafael M. Domingo
    INF 181

    KAPAMILYA since it was started; honestly, I don’t want KAPUSO because of the shows that are totally associated in real life unlike in KAPAMILYA it is universal because it produced shows and actors/actresses that gave achievements in the country. And the quality of their works are more useful and informative compare to KAPUSO.

    I am not surprised if the KAPAMILYA will be recognized internationally because of their shows and works for the country.

    I am proud to be a KAPAMILYA as a universal and accepted truth.

  73. I choose Android over iOS because:
    1. Google Integration such as ‘Okay, Google’ is much more better than iOS.
    2. iOS’ ecosystem prioritizes only iOS users such as iMessage.
    3. Android is much more customizable than iPhone.
    4. Android is a lot cheaper than iPhones but having the same features and specifications.
    5. Android’s design differs from one another and has its own unique look, Unlike iPhones, designs are pretty much the same over the past few years.

  74. I’m an iPhone client for a long time and I’m cherishing it. To reveal to you why, here’s five motivation behind why you ought to pick iPhone:

    In the first place, it’s fundamental no compelling reason to introduce a great deal of superfluous things or application that will expend your memory.

    Second, it has security includes that is made for the client like the propelled unique finger impression bolt.

    Third, application/s won’t crash dissimilar to android.

    Fourth, numerous applications are made only for iPhone.

    Fifth, it’s widespread and accessible around the world. You can approach others for help.

  75. I believe that truth is needed in Globalization when innovations render old teachings and values obsolete because truth will be always be truth. It will be the knowledge that falls under the discipline, it is the base that will support an individual’s understanding. Today, false information are spreading like virus. Primarily we are living now that accessing to information is effortless. We always want the truth and will always believe in truth

  76. Ely James Bala INF 182
    I would choose universal because I a person and anyone of them are believing that. Universe is one of the most outstanding things even though that they accepts the truth of one person to the other. Not other people believe universe because sometimes they can manage them as part of it.

  77. Morgia, Gabriel Jake S. | COM181

    I do believe that truth is still important in Globalization even when innovations render old teachings and values obsolete. I mean in every single situation in our lives, truth is very important. No matter what the situation and factors may be, truth should always be important. But that’s me mah brotha.

  78. There is always the importance of truth. Choosing this universal truth makes this things or feature comes to natural than rendering to falsity that hoax the knowledge and conciseness.

  79. “The truth always prevail” is it really true? Many people wants the the truth but settle on what’s at the top of the table. There are people who seek what is right but it’s now covered with lies. If you’re going to ask me is it still important to know the truth in this period? Yes. Truth is one of the most essential thing in this planet. Every individual’s perception are important but it doesn’t mean that everyone’s opinion is true. People should be careful in everything that they do and even what they say. Especially in this era where everything is just one click away. People shouldn’t let technology control everything. Remember what Martin Barbero says, in globalization we should adapt to what’s in and retain what should be. One’s culture is one’s identity. We shouldn’t let globalization erase who we are.


  80. So I chose the first article which is entitled Universal Truth / Accepted Truth and the question is, Is the truth still important in Globalization when innovations render old teachings and values obsolete? My answer is truth is still important in globalization without thinking twice, yes it is. Because I believe not everyone in this world will choose or just go with the flow there will be people who have strong belief that cannot be easily affect by the innovations so therefore there will be also someone who will practice the same old values.

  81. Ranz Sapinit
    Com 181
    For me, I’d still choose the universal because I truly believe that truth sets you closer to reality. Your own, other’s, the World’s, ultimately the common’s reality that we share with one another. It involves you deeper in the real course of things. Truth keeps you black on Earth, truth makes you a part of its very History. Saying the truth will serve as the lessons to move on to our lives but and this will serve a lessons to do a such great things not just to yourself but also to your surroundings.

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