The Dream of Utopia

I watched a thought-provoking video that tackled how capitalism exploits people and what we can do about it created by Chris and Dawn Agnos for Sustainable Human and narrated by Dr. Richard Wolff, an economics professor. Basically, it claims that capitalism is a “rigged” economic system designed to take from the poor and give it to the rich. It is a very compelling story, I must say, and I have no trouble swallowing all the allegations it raised against this particular system.

However, capitalism, socialism, communism and many other political and economic systems have, from my point of view, their own advantages and disadvantages. Not a one of them is perfect. History and current events can attest to that.

Stories of revolution in order to change the way a country is run are common in almost every generation. Does it ever change a thing? Many times, the history just repeats itself. People would fight for what we think are the “ills” of the society and the government in general. However, once seated in the position of power, the same people would lose sight of the vision they worked for…and either the same problem would occur or a new one is created resulting to discontent among the populace. Discontent that when pushed and fired up by parties with motives of their own might result in another revolution or war. Back to square one…same old story.

CHANGE is a strong word…powerful, actually. The majority of human beings scream for transformation. We would vote for the support of just about anybody who can smartly use this sentiment and charm us with his/her visions or dreams for a better world. Lovely, really. And the fervor we show in order to put such a personality in power is simply moving and adorable.

Still, when will we ever learn? WE CANNOT ANCHOR OUR HOPES FOR CHANGE TO POLITICIANS. They are as human as we are…as flawed as we are…and just as corruptible by greed as we are. They are nothing special; not superheroes; not magician.

When will we ever wake up? We have been made suckers of “needs” created and marketed to us by companies, big and small. We are always duped into thinking that what we have is not enough…what we are is not enough. We need this and that to make our lives better. We need this and that to look good. And the list of needs is just so endless and comprehensive that it covers every aspect of our lives. We covet what we do not have. And so, we devote our entire life working and chasing our desires…the things that we “think” will make us happy and satisfied. In the end, we become slaves of those presumed needs.

What is my point? Simple, really. I do not believe that by trading one system for another will result to utopia. Greed exists in any form of system; and for as long as this evil is there we can change from one system to another and then to the next but no reform will take place…not in a million or billion years.

If we want change, we need to start from within…not from without. We need to start from our own self…our way of thinking…the way we do things. If we want transformation in its real and truest form, well-meaning actions and cooperation must start from us.
Maybe we should learn to go back to the basics…and learn to appreciate moderation. Perhaps, we can be happy with less is more?

The Dream of Utopia

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    Ethnocentrism- the author expresses her own belief on how we can reach utopia, for her it’s the better way to achieve it.

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    Ethnocentrism- is judging another culture solely by the values and standards of one’s own culture.

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    This article falls under ethnocentrism because it talks about the author’s perspective of utopia.

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    ethnocentrism because it talks about a person’s preconception

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    Dream for a change

    Cristina Asumbrado

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