When Death Knocks Closer To Home

When Death Knocks Closer to Home By Marisse Lee

We are all familiar with death…we know what death means…and yet, we look at it as something that does not belong in this realm – foreign, therefore should be treated at arm’s length. When we hear of stories about this kind of loss from our friends, we are always quick to offer words of consolation to them. They are in heaven…free of pain and suffering…there is no reason for the grief. Perhaps that is true…I do believe that it is true. Nevertheless, when death comes knocking a bit closer to home, we still find that we are not ready to deal with the loss. We cannot meet it with grace or glee.

My aunt just passed away…complication from diabetes. She had been in and out of the hospital for quite a long time so, let us say, it was an eventuality that anyone should have seen coming. Yet, the day she finally went away, I felt sadness in losing her just the same. I have no regret nor misgiving. After all, I treated her well like a mom…I tried to be there in a way I know best and I can do best. Still, I felt sad that I sought quiet and solitude for a short while…just to console the sorrow in my heart.

Death takes something from us that we can not gain back, no matter how we cry our eyeballs out. What makes it difficult, I think, is the fact that we cannot get away from memories playing in our head. What those people have done for us…the love and care we received from them…the moments we shared with them. Back then, those things seem trivial and ordinary – nothing but the usual outcome of living and interacting with people in our lives. However, once gone, without any chance of return, those little, mundane things suddenly matter…abruptly occupy space in our soul.

She was fond of me…proud even, with what insignificant life I made. She was always there to back me up when people talk behind my back or in my presence. She understood me a lot and accepted me as I am. She was quite that kind of aunt – although she was not a blood aunt because she was my paternal uncle’s wife. Despite that, she treated me and my siblings and several of my cousins like her very own.

My uncle, like many in his family, is a very conservative man…in short, strict. He is my dad’s youngest sibling but many of us looked up to him more like an older brother than an uncle. My cousins, siblings and I are mighty afraid of him because he would discipline us a bit harsher than our real fathers. Woe if you ever get caught cutting classes or talking with guys!

His wife, my aunt who passed away, was the balancing act. She would happily distract her husband to let us steal beer from their grocery store (heck, do not raise your brow, you were once a kid too). She would allow us to order cocktail drinks when we eat out which, all the while, my uncle thought were nothing but fancy juices. She would be excited like a teenage girl when we talk of lovelife or guys. And the best thing of all, she would always keep us happy and gay by ensuring that our tummies are full. She could cook quite well…way better than our moms. As I grow older and more independent, she had been there both during good and bad times.

Whenever I visit my folks, I always make sure I find time to pay her a visit as well because she would feel bad if I was in town and did not show up. I talked to her many things which I normally do not discuss with my own mother…shenanigans or otherwise.

Too many memories to tell…too many to remember. It is no surprise then that she left a hole in our hearts when she finally died.

On the night before she passed away, I prayed to God for relief so that she could go home and out of the hospital. I do not know if that Great Being misunderstood what I was asking because, instead, she died the next day. Still, I cannot find it in me to blame God or to bear hard feelings. Maybe it was for the best. She already suffered a lot after all.

I only wish that she is with the Divine… enveloped within that radiant love-bliss of the eternal…I wish she is “home”…finally.

When I saw her corpse, it was like looking at a stranger. To me, it was just a shell there inside the coffin…devoid of the love and warmth that I identify with her. I can no longer connect with her lifeless vessel and letting go of that body was a lot easier. Still, there was one brief moment I was not able to take hold of my emotion…maybe it was the music playing, maybe it was the silent crying of others, maybe a glimpse of some memory in my mind that drove my tears to fall. Except that the whispering and chattering of some people (wondering whose relatives we are) beside me jolted me back to reality that I was in public. Why cannot people be at least sensitive for few minutes and remain silent as respect to grieving hearts? No one would want attention at times like that. Peace and quiet would have been perfect gift.

Yet, it is difficult to make them understand I guess…for until it happens to you, death is just an alien thing.

Harping by a Pixie

Harping by a Pixie

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  1. It only means that all of us or all the living things in the world needs to deal with this situation in life, were in we should left our love one’s and face the reality of life in other dimension. Even though it will live heartaches, but also a courage to help them learn to deal in the rule of life and a stepping stone to start again without being afraid of the death. Were are still not sure if we will go in the paradise after our death, the only thing we can do while we are still alive is to enjoy every single moment, spread love, forgive, and be kind. Life is available for a limited time only, so don’t waste your time, do things that will make you happy.

  2. the only thing in life that’s constant is death. the only thing that’s different is when it will strike or who it will strike, but i do know.. that we will all experience death.. i can somewhat relate to this article due to the fact that i lost my father not too long ago.. because of this i have learned that we can never tell how long we will remain in this earth.. may it be years,months,days or in just a couple minutes.. we have that possibility of death.

  3. Death comes when we least expect it and when happiness is just in the corner. It’s so sad that when a person you really love; you’re fond to died. You’ll never know when or where. It will just happen—like a light that’s already decided to turn off. In this article, I’ve realized that we always need to cherish the moment. Because as soon as the time passes by, you’ll never notice that it will become a memory.

  4. Death is unpredictable. It may hard to think that our life will be taken to us. Since we may not know when will the time come, let’s live our life to the fullest. Do things that we won’t regret in the end. Lastly, acceptance is the key, know how to let things go and accept the reality.

  5. Before, Ive always believed that all of my loved ones will die peacefully. No suffering brought by this universe. My uncle was held up and was shot last Sept. 2017, and it shocked the whole out of me. For months, my family and I, forgot how to live, and thats when I accepted that death is inevitable. That it cannot be escaped.


  6. We accept the fate of ours that in every beginning there shall be an end. If there is life, there is death. Accept it or not, the life we have is just borrowed from above. It must be hard but soon we realize that atleast we make it worth living. So live your life to the fullest because we’ll never know when our tine stop ticking.

  7. We must appreciate things that are still here because one day it may be gone. It is fulfilling that we give joy to someone and made them feel at least once that they were special. We must be ready for an end because if death comes, at least we will leave them with memories that they can keep.

  8. Death it is something we will face at one point in our lives or another. It is either a death of a loved one, friend, or yourself . It is inevitable, and I’m scared to it, I’m scared to death – the fear I might lose one of my parents. It’s something that I did not choose to face, or even want to anytime soon.

    Some says death is peaceful, life is harder. Death is peaceful as well as very painful. And life? Life always slap our ass off with reality but it will be always happy to love and live life. Being alive with our loved ones was the most happiest thing on earth, seeing and feeling them, eating and sleeping together, that’s the feeling of love and comfort we could never have if we are dead.

    Act 183

  9. Death is a natural part of life. We should understand and accept that we all have our endings and there is no exception. God is fair to us never blame Him, just enjoy and appreciate every moment of our life even the little things. It is hard to accept the reality, but with God they were living in peace.

  10. I just can’t imagine losing someone whether it is a family member or a friend, can’t imagine and never will imagine but comprehending a thing that cannot be eloped is so hard to accept. We always say “yolo” so we should live our life to maximum of everything. Let them hear what you want to say and let them feel what you want them to feel because we never know when will be the ending.

  11. People say, everything happens for a reason. That everything happened and the things that are about to happen are all based on a written plan God has prepared for us and we do not have any control over nor choice but to deal with it. For some, the spontaneity of this events may result in a positive way in a sense that the changes took place is in favor of them but for most people this may be viewed negatively in contrast to what they expected things would turn out to be. But this also may vary across individuals depending on how they see things in life.

  12. We do never know when death is going to bump into our life. If it’s yout time, it’s your time. You can’t change it. The challenge here is not how to avoid death but how to face it. The only suggestion I can give is that, we should treasure our lives and live to the fullest not because of “YOLO”, but because we are proving to Him that we’re worth to go to His kingdom.

    ACT 183

  13. To many of us death brings a chill down our spine ridden with fear, but to others it is ridden with strength and satisfaction of accomplishment. Fortunately or unfortunately we are all condemned to death. However no one knows when exactly the inevitable will approach, but we all know it is inescapable. There’s also the question about when this inevitable event will occur. Could I possibly die tomorrow? In a week? Or do I still have many years ahead of me? The uncertainty of it is truly nerve racking. I think this is where the fear of death can be even further instilled into our minds.

  14. Personally I am grateful for non of my close relatives died but when that time come that one of them die the only thing I will regret is I didn’t fully share to them my God JESUS.

  15. Death takes something from us that we cannot gain back. Yes, death is really painful. When someone that is truly close to you even if you cry the whole day you cannot make her/him come back. But despite of this you should look at the bright side of it. No more pain, sufferings, and God will guide him/her.

  16. There are people who are afraid of death and there are people who are not but this thing is inevitable. Having someone to go far from us is far more okay than losing someone to death. Ths saddest thing is not saying goodbye to someone who suddenly passed away.

  17. Yesterday me and my friends were talking about death. And I’ve always said that I’m not scared of dying because I know and we know that it is part of our lives. But the thing that scares me is the people that I’ll be leaving, I do not know what reactions will they show nor their emotions from my “death”. I hope if that time comes, I hope they will accept it. And as of now, I still and will cherish the time that I have in this world. Do things that I want to do before I regret it. We just need to prepare always because time can only tell, we never know when it will happen.

  18. Death is most people afraid of. But for me I’m more than afraid to lose my family and friend because they are the people complete my soul. I couldn’t even think that one of them will leave eternally. I would rather choose to die than losing them. For me I just want to fulfill my dreams and that’s it, because I’m a kind of a person that is not afraid to die because for me it is part of the reality so we must deal with it when it comes to us.

  19. Death is inevitable. And honestly it scares me a lot. The wound of the passing of my uncle is still fresh and it is not easily to deal with. With his passing it gave me thoughts or scenarios that deals with the death of the people I love. I am afraid of even the thought of losing them especially my parents. I can’t imagine myself mourning for them. That is why as much as I can do I will treasure the moments I have with them. Because I don’t want to live with regrets. Regretting that I didn’t give them attention, love and care which they needed. I know that it will be hard to continue life without them but there is nothing I can do about it but to accept that one day their time here in the world will be over. It scares the crap out of me but eventually I will learn to live without them but I will never forget them.


  20. Death is certain and we can’t do anything about it but to move on and focus on what’s important. Live the life that we should’ve lived. Just keep breathing and breathing and breathing and breathing.

  21. All of us may know that death is part of life however, we still cannot make ourselves prepared enough when one of our loved ones already meets the saddest end of their journey. The thing is, we are used to seeing them and being with them that is why we feel so much pain when they’re gone for good.


  22. Mary Erica Gregorio | ACT184 Death is something thag we can’t control. It isbhard to lost a love ones but we need to accept the fact that they are gone but the memories will remain and never fades.

  23. Death is inevitable and we cannot escape it. Thats why I believe in the saying Carpe Diem or seize the day because we don’t know when will we die.

  24. ACT 183

    For me, I am also afraid on talking about death. I don’t know, maybe I am not prepared or maybe sometimes I thought in my mind that it is hard to leave someone espescially your love ones. I am afraid to think that someday there will be the time that our love ones will leave us and there is nothing we can do about it. That’s why making memories with them is very important for me to avoid regrets.

  25. Marilou Mae Amparo

    Death is the most unexpected thing that may happen anytime or anywhere. No one knows exept God when we are going to die. That’s why lets luve our life to the fullest, lets show our live and care to the people we live . Because we never know when and where death will be arrived.

  26. Death is inevitable. Whether we acknowledge it or not, most of us fear death. Death remains a great mystery. But sometimes, we should accept when death shall come to us. We cannot predict our when we’ll gonna die, but acceptance is only the key.

  27. The only thing that never changes in this world is that we all have our final destination and that is death. That’s the reality, and we just have to accept it.

  28. Death is inevitable. All people in this world will surely vanish one day. We cannot avoid death, if it is out time, it is our time. It’s hard to be left by someone you love but one thing’s for sure, we should live our lives to the fullest.

  29. We should enjoy every single moment of our lives because we won’t know when will our last day comes and we should accept that when it comes.

  30. we will all die not now but in our time. we just have to embrace the life that our God has given.

  31. For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ our Lord. (Romans 7:23)

  32. It is really hard to accept the fact that we are all going to die, considering that we dont know when, where and how it will happen, and there are important people we love that will be left behind. The memories, the feelings, and the moments are the things that we uniquely have and only yourself can remember for these are intangible and were only marked in your mind and heart. These are also the things that we can hold onto whenever someone special depart this life. We or the author is just lucky enough that she have the memories she can look back whenever she like and reminisce about her aunt. One thing I was able to reflect upon this, is to make memories with people you love, something that no one can steal from you, something that you can only have and bring whenever you are! LIfe is too short, so better enjoy and build every moment of you life as a happy and memorable one.

  33. The saddest part of the death of your loved ones is not the death itself but the reality that you can’t be with that person you loved anymore, no matter how hard you’ll try, and all your memories with that person will stay alive in your heart and mind and these are either make you sad, happy, or give you regrets.

  34. All of us have an ending and that is death. We cannot escape it because that’s our fate. We have different journey but we have the same destination. But what matters the most is how you live your life. Do your responsibility but of course enjoy your life to the fullest.

  35. Death never come to knock off our feet but a treacherous one. It is something that give us the saddest part when someone that’s close to us will suddenly leave. But still, life must go on. Life is short, we just need to spend the rest of our life being happy and contented.

  36. They say that you only live once but the truth is you only die once but you live everyday. A lot of people fear death, and so am I, the reason is that you won’t be able to be with your love ones. I think a lot of us fear death because of the thought that we will be leaving those most precious to us.
    Even though that is the case their memories will still be cherish.

  37. Death is unpredictable and constant. Last month my Lolo died and i felt pain and sadness because I am very close to my lolo. The death of our love one’s can make us feel the love we have for them. Is it true that death is sad but because of my teacher i realized that not all death are sad because death is the way that we would be able to see God and to feel happy without feeling any pain or sick. We should be happy and accept the reality and the death. Yes I am afraid of death because of the people i would live behind however some part of me accept it because I would be able to meet with God.


  38. Death is something that we know is coming, but we’re never prepared for how it feels. We need to enjoy life while we have it, be good to every person that we meet, so that when the time comes that we need to say goodbye, we wont have any regrets.

  39. It only means that death comes in unexpected way. In the mere fact we don’t know when our time in this world will runs out. That’s why we need to be ready to accept death and be brave whenever the time runs out

  40. Death is the one and only truth of our life. And one who is able to understand this truth can live their life at its best, because then we don’t have anything to loose. So live your life fully and make life worthy.

  41. Galera, Peachy C.
    ACT 182

    All of us will die and that is the essence of life, that is the essence why we lived in this world. All we have to do is to live our lives in the fullest. Do whatever makes you happy. Do whatever it takes. Losing someone might be hurtful, but always put into your mind that God has a reason for it. Maybe He is inviting us in His paradise. We all know that loosing a loved one is the worst thing anyone can handle. But we have to accept the fact that no one is exempted in death.

  42. Death is the one great certainty in life. Some of us will die in ways out of our control, and most of us will be unaware of the moment of death itself. It is the permanent end of an individual life. We need to accept that all of us will died so that we need to value our life that the God given to us. Protect and care it for us to be able to survive and pursue what we want to have in the future.

  43. We don’t know when death is coming , its unpredictable, its either today, next day or next month we just need to enjoy our life and share the love that God gave us. And make our life more beautiful so that people can remember you when you pass away or when death comes.


  44. (ACT184) When it comes to death, there is no such thing as exemption. We are all destined to die in the end. No matter how much we want to live forever, that won’t happen because nothing is permanent. Death is one of the most feared events in everyone’s life but for those who are suffering and hurting, death might be the cure. It is a serious matter to talk about since there is no undo button when the time is up. The only way to escape the pain and agony of losing someone important to us is acceptance. No matter how hard and painful, acceptance will keep us going.

  45. ACT182
    We should appreciate all the things that our special someone had done to us before it’s too late. I know everyone of us are still not ready die. It is very hard to lose someone you really love. Death is the one great certainty in life. Some of us will die in ways out of our control, and most of us will be unaware of the moment of death itself.

  46. /ACT 183/

    Everything has it ends. Everyone comes to the point wherein they have to leave. We have to accept reality that people come and go. There’s nothing we can do about it because death is inevitable. While we’re still alive in this wonderful world, we should cherish the people around us, make memories and live our lives to the fullest.

  47. Grief is not a task, it is a process. Losing someone is a natural occurrence, but dealing with pain from losing one will never be easy.

    MERCADO, Sheilla Mae O.

  48. Death is a challenge. It tells us not to waste time… It tells us to tell each other right now that we love each other.

    Isiah David L. Dones
    ACT 182

  49. Death is a challenge. It tells us not to waste time. It tells us to tell each other right now that we love each other.

  50. A lot of things can happen in a span of moment. In death, everyone of us are aware that death will come to us, fortunately and unfortunately. So we must cherish every moment and every person in our lives because we never know when it will be the last time to see them.

  51. For me death is a inseparable part of life. If we are to live life honestly and without fear, we have to also accept that death is ultimately inevitable. Death should not cause us to live in fear, but rather to live our lives in the very best way that we can.

  52. ASINAS | 182 we don’t know when we are going to die and leave this world, the only thing we can do is enjoy our stay here and appreciate the things that we have now, life is hard but we are all gonna die anyway so why not just go with the flow and be happy and see who’s worth our time and energy

  53. Dianna Faye L. Cabungcal

    Death is inevitable. We won’t know when our time will come. So while we are still alive, we should cherish every moment, enjoy the little things and live life to the fullest. We live everyday so make the most out of it. So that when the time comes that we see the light, we are able to leave good memories to our loved ones.

  54. We’ll never know when and where our death will be, that’s why let us treasure our every moment with our love ones and in doing things that make us happy before it’s too late.

  55. Death is certain, no one can avoid it. We dont know when or how it will happen, death comes unexpectedly. So lets cherish each day with our love ones. I just lost my grandfather a week ago, It really hurts but you cannot do anything about it because its a part of human life.

  56. ACT-182 Rav Dano. Death will comes when your time is done, it like in renting computer shop for an hour or minutes. nut in this world you have a time to spend your happiness, fulfill your dreams before your in this world done. it’s hard to say it that no one will stop the death.

  57. Death is unpredictable. Everything is not in our control. Whatever happens, happens. And, we need to deal with it.

    Shaivie Rose Javier

  58. ACT-182
    For me life is just temporary and borrowed and its our choice to live in different ways and give significance on our everyday life. Also we all know that death will come if its already our time and we can’t erase that fact and accept it eventhough it will hurt and give pain.

  59. Death is inevitable that’s why we need to make our life meaningful so that if we’re going to die we have no regrets.

  60. Death is inevitable. So while we are still alive let’s live our lives to the fullest because once we die we may regret that we didn’t enjoy our lives here. Death is the only constant thing in our life.

    Kyla Faye L. Ignacio

  61. Death is part of our lives, we may not know how and when we die. I’m not afraid if I’m going to die, but I’m afraid if I will lose my loved ones.

  62. Fear of death can never enter in our heart if we know that we live our life to the fullest. So better enjoy life when there are still time because we don’t know when it runs out.

  63. Losing someone is the hardest part in our life. But we need to be strong in order for us to keep going and living. It may be painful but knowing that our loved ones will be in the place where there were no pain, sadness and loneliness, we will eventually accept their death. We will eventually accept the fact that their time has been done and all we have to do is pray for their peaceful rest. Let’s forget the pain that caused us from their loss, but let us not forget the footsteps they have left in our hearts.

  64. Letting go permanently of someone we love is the saddest part of our being. Death is a reality and it is inevitable. However, it is a reminder that our time is limited and we should invest our time productively and spend it with the people we love the most.


  65. ACT 183
    No one permanent in this world, we’re all gonna die. We need to accept the fact that we all gonna leave in this world but the thing here is death scares me a lot. I can’t let that fear prevent me from doing the things I want to do before I die. We only get one life, I want to take this one life and get to know myself so I’m not lost in everything. I also want to find love, first from myself. And all my aspirations and goals in life. So if you still have a time, do whatever you want, love your family, friends,God and live it to the fullest!

  66. You cannot tell when will the death come. So you have to do things that you need to do rather than impressing others that’s against your will. Be happy for what you have and keep showing and telling on all the people around you how much you love them.


  67. Death is something we can never escape from. Death is not actually the painful part but the thought of losing someone forever. We can never take it back and what we should just do is to be grateful and make the most out of our days because we will never know which one is the last.

  68. Death is inevitable. All we can do is to prepare and accept the fact that we all leave and believe that people come and people go.

    Christine Sael-ACT184

  69. Who wouldn’t want their love ones to stay by their side forever? Losing someone very special is really hard. A preacher told us once that we feel hurt because God gave us that connection with them and parting from them makes us lose what God intended for us to have.

  70. Yes, death is indeed inevitable. Everyone knows it’s something every single life in this world will have to go through eventually. However, it does not lessen the pain we feel when a love one, someone we hold dearly in our hearts, passes. It is excruciating pain despite the awareness that death is unavoidable. My grandmother passed away recently and I’m telling you, knowing that everyone dies anyway did not help me feel any less painful. It was one of the hardest things I had to go through and that’s saying something because I’ve been through A LOT. All I’m saying is that I totally feel with the author and yes eventually it will be easier somehow. But, rest assured not right now. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to heal but death definitely scars our hearts when it does happen.

  71. One of the most difficult thing for us to overcome is to lose someone we love — our family, friends, or anyone we’re close with — it will leave us feeling empty inside. When we lose someone we love it is really hard to deal with the pain and we’re always wondering when is it going to go away and why it had to happen. But we still need to go on with our lives because we won’t be able to do anything when we lose someone. We just have to accept the fact that death is inevitable, and time heals all wounds and the world will keep on going as if nothing happened.

  72. Ma. Alcyra Aira M. Santos
    Act 184

    Every story has its own ending. Human life is no exception to that. Someday, in his timing, we will all face our final ending. The opportunity to know on when and how exactly our death will be like is not given to us but the opportunity to make the most out of our life will be all up to us. I think the life that has been lived fully by the means of doing good and great things will be the best way to end a story.

  73. We all know for fact that death is inevitable. despite knowing that it would still be hard for us to accept especially the death of those who are dear to us. It is okay ig you grieve toom much and too long just know that they are in better place now and they would not want those whom they have left here to suffer just because they’ve gone somewhere.

  74. Everyone will face our own ending at the right time, and it is hard. Death is hard and suffering from the subsequent loss is even harder. So, we should live our lives to fullest and treasure every single person beside us while we can.

    Act 184

  75. Losing someone really special to us is the worst feeling and indeed hard, but that’s how life works. You cannot control what is meant to happen and we need to accept it. It might be hard but life goes on. You might get hurt, you might grieve for a very long time, however, it is okay.

  76. I know that loosing love ones is so painful to hold, that sometimes you can’t understand why it happens. Death is always surround us, we don’t know how, we don’t know why and specially we don’t know when but when it comes we know to ourselves that we are not ready but we need to.

    ACT 184
    Cyrille Ann Dappit

  77. Death is a challenge. It tells us not to waste time… It tells us to tell each other right now that we love each other.

  78. ACT184

    Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!

  79. We all die. Everyone of us has purpose and goals in life. The goal is not to live forever but to create something that will. We should always remember to do good while we are alive.

    Acuzar, Joyce C.-ACT184

  80. We are all aware of death, and we know it will come to us all. However no one knows when exactly  it will happen, but we all know it is inescapable. We only die once so live and enjoy your life to the fullest.

  81. Death is the only constant thing in the world. All of us will eventually came up with this ending– death. We will never know when and how will it happen that is why we should know how to enjoy every minute of our life with the people we love. Death will leave a lot of hearthaches to the people around us but one thing is for sure, this heartache will serve as an inspiration to the people whom you left.


    “Dread from it, run it, destiny arrives all the same” , death is inevitable, we all die and and we should accept it “do not frown because it’s over smile because it happened”. All the memories will be forever, people die but the moments they share will be forever, the smile, the stare, the feeling, it cannot be erased. It is normal , our lives have endings, we should enjoy it , every second of it, do what makes us happy because the last thing a person wants to do is , regret , on their deathbed reminiscing all the things they did not do, maybe because they’re afraid, too lazy, too shy and on that death bed, they regret , they regret that they did not live their lives the way they want to live. As for myself, I’m not afraid of dying, even at this this moment, If I die, I have no regrets I’m Happy with what I did with my life .

  83. Death is inevitable. We’ll never know when, we’ll never know how. But the thing is, we shouldn’t be wasting our lives trying to figure these things out. All we have to do is to make memories that would make us feel happy and contented until our last day living our lives.

  84. Death is an inevitable thing or event in one man’s life. crying for your loved ones who died wont make any changes so as long they are alive, make the most out of it.

  85. We should live like this is our last day here. We should appreciate everything we should give chance to people who did mistake to us. Do what you want do everything that make yourself happy more than anyone did. So while you are here and had a chance tolive do what ever you want. Because when the death knocks to your door. You could’nt do those thing. Enjoy your life while you’re here.

  86. Death is the only constant in this world . We can’t control it, if it is our time then we don’t have a choice but to accept it. It just become difficult when our loved one’s come first and we are force to continue life without them. I know it is so hard but I believe that everything has a reason that’s why we need to enjoy life to its fullest until we complete our purpose, we only have limited time, share love and happiness and continue to forgive.

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