The Lady Killer – This Is What I’ve Been Up To.

Hey, guys! It’s Kershelle aka The Angry Marketer and it has been a while since I’ve last posted….well….anything. I know, I know. I haven’t been as consistent as I needed to be on the posts front. And don’t just think that it is just on The Ugly Writers either. My Angry Marketer blog is being entertained by the mesmerizing sound of crickets as we speak. I am not proud of this but I promise you I haven’t been just lazing around.

On July 20th, I am publishing my very first e-guide. Basically, what’s been going on is that I am trying to finalize my cover, edit the document to perfection and settle within myself whether I should offer this for free rather than sell it like I had originally planned. So far, I am leaning toward the former but I want people to download and read it. Not just put it away. So that has been taking up most of my time and for those of you who are on the Bloggers Supporting Each Other Facebook Group, you will know I have been asking for feedback on my e-guide cover. It is really getting busy around here on my side and my mindset right now is I would like the 20th July to come and go already (Hahaha!). You think writing an e-guide is stressful? Try finalizing it for sale. Writing it is the easy part by far.

But not all my writing expeditions are completely unpleasant. For those of you following me in general, you would know that I have started another book. “Lady Killer” is in the making right now and writing that has been infinitely more fun than writing my guide. I guess it’s because I actually prefer fiction over non-fiction pieces. I can write both but non-fiction gets kind of tedious after a while. You can only put so much of your personality into explaining something, after all. Anyway, I’ve been writing and publishing chapters on Wattpad which is a free site where you can explore amazing stories from writers all over the world. You can also become one of those writers and get your following up if you are an aspiring writer. I have read amazing books on there and it is a blast.

“Lady Killer” is on there now and slowly getting its readership up but I figure as an apology to you guys for being so very mute, I would go outside of myself and share this with you. This is a big deal for me because I am not big into sharing my private work and my stories until they are completely ready or unless it’s on Wattpad. I am an extremely private person so this is a first for me. But I owe you guys and I wanna make it up to you so with a huge “I am so sorry” and my gratitude for your patience, here is an extract from my latest work, “Lady Killer”.

I shook myself and started shoving two of the shirts into the bag along with some of my non-bloody clothes. I shook out of my ripped dress and put on the white shirt and the sweats. I also took his old white sneakers and put on a baseball hat that I had found in one of the side pockets. At last I was ready. I started to leave the room when I stopped in the doorway. I couldn’t leave like this. Not after everything that we had been through. We had come so far with one another and now that it was over, I owed us this. I turned around and looked at my boyfriend’s mangled corpse. I stared at it for seconds on end. I then slowly approached it, bent down to his ear and whispered softly,

“I need a loan.”

I darted over to the bed and took one wad of each of the denominations. I smiled a small smile at the corpse once again and headed for the front door. All of a sudden, I heard the cellphone go off once again. I had forgotten that I had left it in the pocket. I took it out. It was a text that just said



I darted back into the bedroom, closed the door and locked it.

“Crap! Crap! OH CRAP!”

I was trapped. If Bobby wasn’t outside in the next three minutes, there was going to be a problem. The problem was Bobby wasn’t really up to getting up and going anywhere. Or getting up at all, not that he had much of a choice. I paced the room unsure of what to do. The answer came through a hole in the wall.

Of course!
I ran toward the gaping hole I always referred to as a window and was about to dump the bag out when I stopped. The car would be parked directly outside our building. They could probably see me if I jumped through now. I slumped against the wall. I would have to wait until they came inside.

Bobby’s gang was very thorough. They didn’t leave loose ends or stones unturned when it came to their business. I knew that much about them just because I knew that much about Bobby. Anything out of the ordinary would not go unnoticed. This is what I was counting on.

The knocks came a few seconds later like I anticipated that they would. I stood by the window at the ready. They needed to come inside so that I could escape. I was hoping beyond hope that they all would leave the vehicle so that it would be much easier for me to go by.

I heard the door squeal open.

This is it!

I dumped the bag onto the soft grass. It landed with a squishy thud. They were trying to make as little noise as possible. They had picked up the off vibe. Someone was not wearing the proper shoes for sneaking though and I could hear them coming. I put my foot through and climbed through the space. I didn’t want to just drop because I didn’t know what I would be dropping into. It could be a mud patch and it could also be a very deep puddle.

The doorknob to our bedroom rattled. I gasped, all fear of dropping into a puddle gone. I put my next foot through the hole and just jumped. At the same time, I heard a very loud BANG! I plopped onto soft mud, picked up the duffel bag and ducked under the house for a bit. From my position, I could hear them.



“What the hell happened here?”

“What the hell?”
“You saw that right?”


“The window?”
Crap! I leaned against the building as much as possible and tried to steady my breathing. I needed to know whether or not there was someone in their car still. Lights started coming on in our building. The loud blast had drawn attention. I needed to get out of there fast. I crept along the side of the old building, taking off paint peelings as I slid along. I peeked out around the corner. The front door was open and light, more than likely from our apartment, was flooding out. I looked to where they had parked their black classic Mustang. Sure enough, leaned against it was a tall dark-skinned man with cornrows. Escaping through the front was definitely out of the question. I leaned against the wooden structure and tried to think of something else.

Mrs. Grady’s fence. What if I could climb over it and escape that way? But how? Then the idea hit me like a lightning bolt. I crept to the end of the building, back to where I had originally landed. I looked up to make sure that the guys weren’t looking through.

“Are you sure you saw somethin’?”
“Bro. I am dead serious.”

“It could have been the wind.”

“True. Could have been but maybe we should be sure.”

I froze.

“Sure. If you wanna explain what a dead body is doin’ in the middle of the room with us.”

“The fuzz are cool with us, remember?”

“Naw, fam. The fuzz was cool with him.”

“DAMN! What do we do now?”

I didn’t hear the rest. I was already over the wall and ready to put my plan into motion. I crept around the back of Mrs. Grady’s place where I knew that she would be sitting and sleeping on herself. She always told me that sleeping on the porch always did her good. The heat inside was unbearable. I just needed her to create a diversion for me so that I could escape.

There she was. Sound asleep. But not for long. I pulled the hoodie over my head and stuffed my hair inside it to disguise myself. I crept up to her and a tapped her on the leg. When she finally opened her eyes, she stretched and yawned. She then focused on me before her eyes went wide and she let out a high-pitched scream. Perfect! I sprinted, well, limped to the front of the yard with my duffel bag slung over my shoulder. I ran straight for the front and ran through the gate. Mrs. Grady chased after me and as I ran past the black Mustang I could see the cornrowed guard staring daggers into me but not bothering to give chase. They weren’t supposed to be there so he couldn’t be bothered. The lights coming on in every building illuminated my path as I tore up the street and into…..this.


There is no last bus in Gibson. The nearest rest stop was 12.1 miles away. I checked before I left.  Knowing this, I still decided to walk. What could I do? I lived in the middle of nowhere, interacted with no one and had zero idea of what I was supposed to do now. So, I walked. I guess what made the ordeal shorter was me mulling over my situation. The facts were my boyfriend was dead. Prior to that, he was a drug dealer and from the load he had on him I would say that he was climbing the ladder. Not quite a boss but not quite a rookie either. From this enterprise, he had earned a substantial amount of money which he also carried around with him. Strange and stupid, but what did I know? I was only the punching bag. Since his untimely death, I became the benefactor of said proceeds. Alright. Benefactor is a strong word but I got me some money anyhow. Also, his partners may or may not have seen me jumping through a window and now suspect foul play. Like I said, Bobby’s gang was thorough. They may not have paid attention to me when they came over to make their drops but I knew them all too well.

What else could I do under the circumstances but walk? I was a nervous wreck. The only company I had was the rare tumbleweed. I’m surprised I didn’t see a coyote. I was less surprised that there weren’t any cars. When I looked up from my musings, I had reached a convenience store. Upon seeing it, I realized that I had been walking for three hours. My feet and my stomach, and quite possibly my entire appearance, made that very clear.

I needed food. I also needed to get out of town but I couldn’t leave in these clothes. I didn’t know how much cocaine residue was on it. The police patrols had picked up everywhere and I just couldn’t take the chance. I walked into the convenience store heralded by a small ding. I came face to face with caramel skin and a thick moustache. Clearly, he was the owner. He was rearranging the magazine rack but stopped to stare at me. I shirked back a bit before muttering a quick hello.  I scurried off to the aisles to pick up a few things.

I could feel his eyes on me the whole time. I sighed despondently. I’m not gonna steal anything! is what I wanted to say but I didn’t have the strength to explain myself while black. I tried to continue with, an hurriedly complete, my shopping expedition. Tampax, potato chips, turkey jerky, a Sprite. I was only thinking about getting some energy into me after the long trip that I was slowly starting to feel all over and not necessarily my health. My neck bristled and I turned around.

He was right behind me. I screamed and dropped everything. Luckily, the Spite didn’t explode. Unluckily, I was sure that my heart did.

“Y-you scared me,” I said timidly. He just regarded me with his arms folded like he had just rode over something on the highway in his car. We stared silently at each other. Well, he stared at me and I tried to maintain eye contact. When he wouldn’t budge, I slowly bent down and started gathering my things.

“You buy?” he said gruffly.

“I’m sorry?” I whispered.

“You gonna buy anything?” he repeated in his thick accent. I was trying not to look into his face because I knew I would stutter and that would just make me seem even more shady that I “already was”. I managed to gather my loot and I nodded to him.

“Yes. I’m buying.”

“Hmm,” was all he said before turning and walking away, muttering in his native tongue. Just then, there was another ding at the door. In walked a pale man with a wispy grey ponytail, a netted hat and what looked to be dungarees. His wide waist made them seem like really small jeans, though.

“Sup, Abdul,” the man said cheerily.

“Ah! Mr. Wade! Welcome,” Abdul responded, flashing a brilliant smile. Huh.

“Half pack for the road,” Wade told him.

“Right away,” Abdul chirped before reaching below the counter and handing it to him. I hadn’t even noticed when Mr. Wade had gone through the store. I was too appalled at the sudden change in behaviour from this Abdul. Not ten seconds ago, he was practically ready to throw me out.  When I refocused on him, he had two tins of beer, some turkey jerky and various assortments of corn chips and gum. He put them in a pile on the counter. He reached for his wallet when he looked over at the magazine rack. He leered for a moment before picking up an edition with a scantily dressed bleach blonde gracing the cover. He turned back to Abdul and grinned.

“For the lonely road.”

Abdul beamed back at him, idiotically.

“How much do I owe ya, my man?” Wade said, reaching for his wallet again.

“Oh no no no,” Abdul said, frantically shaking his half balding head. “You are best customer. Free of charge.” Wade smirked and squeezed his wallet into his back pocket.

“Much obliged, ‘Dul,” he said, tipping his hat. He gathered his gifts and used his back to open the door.

“See you in three months!” he called as he left.

“Come again!” Abdul called back. I stood there gaping. He waved the trucker away with a broad smile. It completely melted when I approached. I lay the items on the counter gently and waited for him to get started. His eyes flicked from my groceries to me to my bag to me again. Unbelievable.  

“I didn’t steal anything,” I said out loud this time, rolling my eyes. He eyed me cautiously but said nothing. He turned away from me and started fiddling with the computer behind him. Could this be any more cliché? I sighed and waited patiently for him to finish. He checked what he needed to before finally starting to check my items. I had forgotten to pick up water the first time so I asked him if I could go get it. He looked at me incredulously.

“I’ll leave the bag,” I said. He looked at me sharply before flicking his hand at me. I wanted to keep in a straight line so that he wouldn’t have the cause to suspect me. I got the water and was about to go back to the counter when I saw them. There was a rack of really corny shirts with Arizona something or another etched on the front. Did I need clothes? Yes. Was I excited about these ones in particular? Hell no! I couldn’t see myself in one of those no matter how desperate I actually was. That was until I caught a glimpse of me in the above head mirror. The shirt that was white when I left home was so brown you would think I had landed belly first in that mud patch. The sweats dwarfed my size immensely. I looked like a small frightened child in them. My face and neck were purple and bruised. Bobby’s parting gifts. My black and once shiny hair was tangled and in desperate need of….something. Overall, it was not a good look.

 Immediately, I started flicking through the rack to see what I could find. I needed to clean up. Toward the end of the rack, I found a black crop top with the words “Arizona Bold” on it. I snorted. Bold indeed. It was the most decent thing on the rack and it was probably the only thing that fit me. I looked over it again and decided that this would have to do. I looked over into the next aisle and saw some cheap concealer. I couldn’t tell the last time that I wore make-up. That came to an end the day I came to Gibson. Of course, they didn’t have my colour. It was a convenience store after all. So, I decided to do just that. Make the circumstances convenient for me. I grabbed what I needed to make my shade concoction. The last thing that I picked up was a hairbrush.

I headed back to the counter where Abdul was drumming his fingers impatiently. I mumbled an apology to him and he totalled my items. He folded his arms expecting me to give him a sob story. He wanted to throw me out so badly. I hated to disappoint him. He seemed so pleased when he thought he had me in a corner. I just went into my bag, pulled out a fifty-dollar bill and handed it to him. The look on his face filled me with an indescribable joy.

He roughly handed my change to me and started bagging my stuff.

“Um,” I started timidly. ”May I use your restroom?” He stopped packing and rolled his eyes. He took a breath before looking at the monitor and then returning his gaze to me.

“Five minutes. No more,” he said, basically shoving the paper bag into my face. I caught it and just headed toward the door I had seen earlier. I picked a stall and locked the door. I changed quickly, now donning the sweatshirt around my waist. I left the stall and went to the sink. I mixed my concealer and applied it to my skin in record time. Then I went through the tedious task of brushing the knots from my hair. When I was done, I dragged it into a ponytail and secured it with a rubber band from one of the stacks. I examined myself in the mirror. It was the best I had looked in years. The girl who had walked into the convenience store would not be the same one that walked out. At least physically.

You can read the rest by signing up to Wattpad and searching for either my name (Kershelle Mike), my user name (kmike772) or the name of the book (Lady Killer). Until the next………surprise.

The Lady Killer



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