The Scariest List Ever Made

Decapitated heads? Yawn! Undead Serial Killers? Snore! A crumbling economy? Oh please! There’s not a lot that scares us anymore but it’s safe to say that there are some things that just make your blood run cold. The true evil in the world abides not in campfire tales or the imagination of Wes Craven. They […]

Death Takes The Individual

Yesterday, the rock world lost a legend. Chester Bennington. The Linkin Park front man committed suicide and was found hanging at his home. He was forty-one years old and he leaves behind six children. There was (and continues to be) an outpouring of tributes for the singer with some of my Facebook friends and people […]

The Lady Killer – This Is...

Hey, guys! It’s Kershelle aka The Angry Marketer and it has been a while since I’ve last posted….well….anything. I know, I know. I haven’t been as consistent as I needed to be on the posts front. And don’t just think that it is just on The Ugly Writers either. My Angry Marketer blog is being […]

On Being Picky – Late Nig...

I am very picky about who I let into my life. It’s not cause I have trust issues or Daddy issues or issues at all. I just know what I am worth and I choose to screen who gets to be there. Ask any of my friends and they will tell you. We became friends […]

Soda Fizz

Ambition is like the fizz in soda In more ways than one If you drink soda, you would know The effect of that fizz alone on your body It’s refreshing and surprising and it keeps the drink good Good for shelving for a really long time And so you put this carbon dioxide, this bad […]

Hiring Evil

Hiring Evil

By The Angry Marketer

Conjugating Verbs

Why We Didn’t Work Out. Dear You, I remember how we met. It was an unexpected and, at the time, totally unpleasant first encounter. I wasn’t expecting it though. You approached me and you started talking. I wasn’t listening though and I only answered when I had to cause in my mind it was like […]

10 Things That The Caribbean Is...

An Introduction

By Kershelle Mike