If I Miss You On A Maxi* Ride

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the ugly writers
99% of the time, I’m connected to my phone
Wirelessly and other”wires”
And I forget to look up for you
At you
Lost in my own world of pop after eight hour drudgery
Completely dead to the fact that the shout of “Let There Be…” is sounding
(I wish you’d be louder, love)
99% of the time, I’m so eager to be back in my parental cocoon,
My own space
My comfort zone
That I’ve zoomed past you on abridged stilts
(Lord, he has to be tall. The fear of You pre-installed.)
That I miss the command again.
Then 99% of the time, your chromosome pride annoys me
And I have to block out the whistles and whoops
that are too abrasive
That, I clamp you with the worst of them.
(Men can be disgusting!!!)
And the call gets drowned in the noise.
But there are days, when I dwell in the 1% wondering
 if you feel the same way
If you wonder about my existence as often as I do yours
Or if you’re comfortable with mediocre (toot toot, my horn)
Until you’re not
 and come looking for me in the 1%
Only to miss me on a maxi ride.
*Author’s Note: Maxi – A really short bus. One of the main modes of transportation in Trinidad and Tobago.

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