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Staying Focused

You'll be very productive at whatever you do when you pay keen attention and do not lose focus. How well you focus on the task you have at hand is what'll determine your level of success.

Staying Focused


”Concentration is a fine antidote to anxiety”

– Jack Nicklaus.

You’ll be very productive at whatever you do when you pay keen attention and do not lose focus. How well you focus on the task you have at hand is what’ll determine your level of success.

If you constantly keep multitasking almost every time, it’ll absorb much energy from you that could have served as a raw material for your Success Journey.
Technology keeps us distracted; text messages, e-mails, calls, advertisements, and the likes, they all struggle for our attention. It’s pretty difficult to catch up with all of them at once.

However, you aren’t the only person on this planet struggling to stay focused on accomplishing a task, amidst the swamp of distractions we find ourselves trying to overcome. But you need to have a mantra -sets of standards- which guides how you live if you pursue a productive lifestyle.
So moving on, I would like to share a few tips on how to boost your concentration and remain focused. You can also read Seeking Solitude.

Boosting Concentration


1. Set Your Principles/Priority:

This is the first and most foremost method in boosting concentration. Setting your principles helps you know the kinds of distractions you can handle or simply ignore and the ones you need to work on and overcome. And doing so is by eliminating distractions of any sort that’s why a standard library is usually quiet.
In boosting your concentration, you’ll need to concentrate on tasks based on their level of importance and doing them one by one. Multi tasking isn’t the optimal way of doing things.
Each time you get distracted, it takes an average person up to 21 minutes to regain his focus back. We can’t afford to waste such time, as it is very precious. So set your priorities and firmly move with them.

2. Exercise ”Focus” Every day:

Taking exercise often helps in boosting our mental and physical health which in turn increases our attention span we know that. But when we understand our focus as a muscle, we’ll see the need to build it. After all, the bigger the task the more distracted we seem to be. You’ll need to exercise Patience while building focus because it isn’t as easy to achieve as it’s being preached about.
Train your focus the exact same way you train your muscle constantly and be persistent about it because you are the prime factor towards achieving your success. Start little, 5 to 10 minutes then keep elaborating one day after another there is nothing like underground success or is there?

3. Listen To Classical Music:

Okay, I saw this tip on the net not really sure if it works but I would like to read your feedbacks below. The article explained that classical music helps the brain to organize incoming information. So try it out!

4. Get Rid Of Obvious Distractions:

Quick example; as I’m typing this Article and my phone beeps, I’ll have to stop for a few seconds checking what it was and Oh! I find out it’s a cool video on YouTube, I’ll take a while watching the video and the next recommended video until I reach the 21 Minute Syndrome, and be like ”where was I?” Obviously, that’s a distraction and many of us experience this a lot(Hands Up). I may not pass the same message like I wanted to before the distraction came in. That’s the more reason why what ever you’re doing, you’ll need to turn off any obvious distractions. you can’t be studying for an examination and then have Facebook turned on right next to you. It isn’t a search engine! Worse of it all, a distraction as long as 3 seconds causes you to reread the particular sentence or make errors while writing. Each of us all has our different weaknesses and strengths and I bet you know your self better than any one else. Take control of your actions immediately :).

5. Always Have A Plan!

Each day you need to plan your every action-Leaving room for unexpected events too- You should not be at the office and ask yourself ”What do I do?” Like I explained earlier, have a list of the most important things in every event and face them based on their level of importance. Once you have a plan you know that from 1 Pm- 2 Pm you need to finish up an Article and from 2 Pm- 2;30 Pm a Lunch break and so on. That way it keeps you from Lateness and gives no room for distractions. Start exercising by staying focused!

”Negativity Is Contagious
Embrace Positivity”

Syl Sabastian

Syl Sabastian

"I admit to being an unusual person." - SS

From a comment on his profile pic, since writing one's own bio is so difficult:

“Beautiful and astounding. Kind of resembles an amazing character I know. Some call him the Weaver of the Unraveled, the Rekindler of Doused Fires, the Sandman of Endless Beaches, the Friend to the Friendless, the Harmonizer of Unsung Heros. And some even call him Syl.” - Na'Cher

From age 10, on the day he literally exploded a light-bulb, Syl Sabastian’s acute life-long love affair with Understanding began. Since then his focus on, and love of Awareness, or more accurately his struggle with non-awareness, has never let-up.

An intense reader in his youth, Syl absorbed over a book a day, including the classics read in chronological order, culminating in extensive science-fiction/fantasy/speculative reading. After transitioning to Applying and Living his philosophies, Appropriately, with Attunement the ever-present motivation and catalyst, it all morphed in time to an earnest propensity to write and communicate.

Syl and His Heart have owned restaurants, stores, online businesses, and travelled the world, while implementing and enjoying their life-perspectives of which he writes so deeply. As Biella is so fond of saying, "and there's More..."

"My life began, from earliest memory, with a peculiar precocious understanding of abstract concepts, a mystery which remains unexplained to any satisfaction. I feel I am traversing a circle back to my origin, except perhaps, now more aware of what I already knew." -  From: The Young Man's Story

Syl is a great interview and an even better friend.

A Philosopher-Writer focusing on the Application of a comprehensive Practical-Personal-Philosophy. Creator of: The Philosophy of Appropriateness and: An A+ Philosophy. Writings range considerably, from extensive psychological perspectives to fiction. All connecting in one way or another to a unique vision. A consistent coherency permeates Syl Sabastian's extensive variety.

“Syl Sabastian is a Contemporary Philosopher and Writer, who exercises a glorious intellectual mind that is most admirable for its profundity and sharpness. Often offering multiple sides of an argument, he provokes self-introspection. His aim is to uncover Appropriateness, Awareness, Attention, Application, Attunement, and more, with a unique, high-level understanding of the profound intricacies that interlace these concepts.” - TJT & PDJ, Owners of the Gateway Gazette, Entrepreneurs, Writers, Moms.

"My blog is my best bio." -SS  :) <3

“You fascinate me, you really do. I think of myself as a big deep thinker... your writing, at least what I think I understand it to be about, sounds like the basis for either a belief-system or a wonderful self-help process. Am I anywhere near the mark? I think your writing, even about yourself, is amazing by the way. Quite poetic.” - Andrew Reeves, Author, Screenwriter, Poet, Creator of The Empty World, The Voodoo Doll, Claire, The Dictionary of Stupid, and more.

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