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Steps to Self-Belief

Self-Belief doesn't mean you see yourself being as perfect as you are but rather seeing yourself as what you'll become.

The crowd awaits. he feels frightened, everyone’s staring at him. He mounts the stage, picks up the paper but fails to comprehend the words. He stutters while He speaks causing an uproar of murmurings within his audience. He had studied for this day, day and night he was all set and ready to deliver but on seeing these strange faces, he felt distorted and totally discouraged and almost like he has lost all hope, his father walked up to him and said ”You can do this, I believe in you.” He hugged his father, exhaled, and walked back to the microphone. And off he went, an impeccable speech he delivered… ”Self Belief”

This article is ”launched” as I’d say, to help you escape from moments like that. Disheartening moments where you almost feel like being invisible to instances where you become glad that you actually ‘did it.’

But firstly, You need to know the importance of Self-Belief before we proceed.

Self-Belief is Important. A lot of people fail to believe in themselves because others didn’t believe in them, (Like the experience above). You need to know that ‘No one can make you feel Inferior without your full consent,” According to Eleanor Roosevelt. But if you’re just practicing the art of self-belief, This is probably where self-doubt comes in prior to your previous accommodation of them.
You see yourself asking questions like ”Can I really do this?” ”Could I actually succeed?” And all forms of self-doubts begins to creep in. Now, I consider it normal to have these thoughts because you experience a set back for a comeback. but rather, make sure these thoughts have limits and they do not affect your method of operation.

Put These In Mind
1. You need to combat with the inner negative voice:
When embarking on the journey of life(Life itself has different levels.) at some point, you come in contact with challenges that are beyond your abilities speaking from the physical eye. There seem to be a voice inside of you that keeps telling you,’You can’t make it’ or ‘It’s not possible’ and lot’s of them. You need to pause, listen to that little negative voice for a moment and say to it; ”That’s not my Voice!” And afterwards, begin to challenge everything it says.

2.Identify and develop your strengths:
You probably know about the incredible hulk? or perhaps The Flash?… These are famous super heroes well known for their incredibly great abilities. But do you know you have yours too? I don’t mean insane speed or similar powers, I mean your positive characteristics? Yes, you do. Write down your positive characteristics the ones you have and probably wish to have they could be dignity, Generosity, meekness anything. You’d be surprised how that’ll prime up your subconsciousness.

3.Define Your Model:
What type of person do you look up to? does he define your personality? You choose a model that motivates you positively in every thing he does. And can also rekindle your zeal into being like him/her to make a positive impact on the younger generation.

4. Focus:
All these can’t be accomplished if you lack focus. Be extremely dedicated to developing the art of self-belief by being focused.

Self-Belief doesn’t mean you see yourself being as perfect as you are but rather seeing yourself as what you’ll become. Knowing your weakness and acknowledging them as well as improving on your strengths. Don’t wait for people to start believing in you, you need to make the first step. It isn’t about people, It’s all about you! Learn to not see setbacks as the end of the world instead to see them as a new beginning to new possibilities. As a friend said, ”As your Self- Believe grows, people around you begin to believe in you more, too”

Syl Sabastian

Syl Sabastian

"I admit to being an unusual person." - SS

From a comment on his profile pic, since writing one's own bio is so difficult:

“Beautiful and astounding. Kind of resembles an amazing character I know. Some call him the Weaver of the Unraveled, the Rekindler of Doused Fires, the Sandman of Endless Beaches, the Friend to the Friendless, the Harmonizer of Unsung Heros. And some even call him Syl.” - Na'Cher

From age 10, on the day he literally exploded a light-bulb, Syl Sabastian’s acute life-long love affair with Understanding began. Since then his focus on, and love of Awareness, or more accurately his struggle with non-awareness, has never let-up.

An intense reader in his youth, Syl absorbed over a book a day, including the classics read in chronological order, culminating in extensive science-fiction/fantasy/speculative reading. After transitioning to Applying and Living his philosophies, Appropriately, with Attunement the ever-present motivation and catalyst, it all morphed in time to an earnest propensity to write and communicate.

Syl and His Heart have owned restaurants, stores, online businesses, and travelled the world, while implementing and enjoying their life-perspectives of which he writes so deeply. As Biella is so fond of saying, "and there's More..."

"My life began, from earliest memory, with a peculiar precocious understanding of abstract concepts, a mystery which remains unexplained to any satisfaction. I feel I am traversing a circle back to my origin, except perhaps, now more aware of what I already knew." -  From: The Young Man's Story

Syl is a great interview and an even better friend.

A Philosopher-Writer focusing on the Application of a comprehensive Practical-Personal-Philosophy. Creator of: The Philosophy of Appropriateness and: An A+ Philosophy. Writings range considerably, from extensive psychological perspectives to fiction. All connecting in one way or another to a unique vision. A consistent coherency permeates Syl Sabastian's extensive variety.

“Syl Sabastian is a Contemporary Philosopher and Writer, who exercises a glorious intellectual mind that is most admirable for its profundity and sharpness. Often offering multiple sides of an argument, he provokes self-introspection. His aim is to uncover Appropriateness, Awareness, Attention, Application, Attunement, and more, with a unique, high-level understanding of the profound intricacies that interlace these concepts.” - TJT & PDJ, Owners of the Gateway Gazette, Entrepreneurs, Writers, Moms.

"My blog is my best bio." -SS  :) <3

“You fascinate me, you really do. I think of myself as a big deep thinker... your writing, at least what I think I understand it to be about, sounds like the basis for either a belief-system or a wonderful self-help process. Am I anywhere near the mark? I think your writing, even about yourself, is amazing by the way. Quite poetic.” - Andrew Reeves, Author, Screenwriter, Poet, Creator of The Empty World, The Voodoo Doll, Claire, The Dictionary of Stupid, and more.

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