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Purpose of Life’s Purpose

“Can you achieve happiness through analysis and introspection?
Can you achieve happiness through philosophy?
How do you figure out your life’s purpose?” – MF

How do you figure out your Life’s Purpose?

Start by undoing the underlying assumptions typically inherent in that question. Usually the assumption is that there is One “Life’s Purpose.” In addition, it is assumed that one’s Life Purpose is “out there somewhere.” Something predetermined.

That might be, however, it is certainly also true that we can have more than one Life Purpose. We can have many at a time, and even more importantly, we can CHOOSE what we wish those Life Purposes to be, and how many we would like to have. We can choose to hold onto these as long as it is Appropriate.

Another assumption is that a Life’s Purpose has to last a lifetime. It does not. One might accomplish it and move on to something else, or another one, or any number of options.

The Key to it all is breaking free from Assumption, developing discernment, and then applying this awareness to appropriateness. Using appropriateness as the root concept makes it all simple. Simply do what is appropriate to YOU, and appropriate in ALL Contexts. Appropriate according to what YOU want. A simplicity that will be consuming and fulfilling. Thus answering your other questions as well. Because the Application of this is the implementation of those.



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