Soda Fizz

Ambition is like the fizz in soda

In more ways than one

If you drink soda, you would know

The effect of that fizz alone on your body

It’s refreshing and surprising and it keeps the drink good

Good for shelving for a really long time

And so you put this carbon dioxide, this bad air, into a flavour

And it becomes the commodity of the moment

Everyone wants to buy it. Everyone needs it

Everyone walks around with one in their hand and oh man! if you had one you were golden

And if you finished a soda, you just chucked the bottle and get a new one because you didn’t want to be out of style after all

Everyone wants soda

And as the demand grows so does the supply

And the process of buying and chucking  goes back and forth betwixt the two until

Much like everything else we come around the cycle and then they don’t really want soda. We want water, they say

Soda’s bad for you. You should drink water.

A couple of years ago wine was bad for you

Now you’re encouraged to take a little “for your health”

Who’s to say that that won’t be a trend too years from now?

Everyone wants soda until nobody wants soda

After everyone has learned soda making

But unfortunately, I am neither the soda maker nor the consumer

in this parable, I am the soda

Pumped full of ambition, flavoured and ready, good for shelving for a long time

The only thing is I’ve been shaken up and I’m ready to explode.

No one wants soda though. No one will buy.

And so I sit. And fizz.

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  1. Casupanan, Rhelee Mae (Mar142)
    1.) Explicit
    2.) food
    3.) “What it feels like to be me” – This title transforms the current title to an implicit one.

  2. Magos, Jasan Denise – MAR 142
    Material (Explicit)
    Kind: Food
    Diff.Title: Me as Soda.

  3. 1. Explicit
    2. Food
    3. “Little Secrets Within Me”

    —BENEDICTO, Lylla Katrise

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