The day has come to test my patience. The anticipation and anxiety are on its highest levels. I am still wondering if this will really work, and what can I do to make things work and still sustain the good feeling. 

Long distance relationship is a struggle…

a challenge…

a true test of love, trust, patience and understanding. 

I used to ask myself, 

Does distance really matter? 

Do short talks over the phone, short exchange of texts and receiving short messages matter?

I had gone through this kind of set up but I was immature then, though at first it did work, (minus the chat applications that we have now) but then I have known and realized I wasn’t happy anymore, and so I quit.

Now that I have to face this again, I said to myself, if I truly love this person, I can endure anything with God’s help. 

He gave me this person for a reason. And I want to search for that reason and see the wonders that He has given me. 

I just need to bend down on my knees whenever I feel lost and scared…

I’ll close my eyes..

….and talk to Him..

because I know, 

He’ll provide answers and will guide me all the way. 

As what I always hear, cliché as it seems “kapit lang”. 

I want to take another leap of faith and give myself another shot at this so – called Long Distance Relationship. 

I feel that there is a need for me to really grab this chance and try my luck once again in this kind of set up. 

It’s because I want to hold on to what we have and I will learn to keep myself pre-occupied so I won’t long for you too much; to avoid any mindless thoughts that my brain can create. 

I will start to lean on to faith – faith in you, trust in US and let God do the rest. 

I know for sure, it’s going to be one hell of a ride. 

But I will hold on because I want to. 

I know because we can. 

Ms. Taciturn

Ms. Taciturn

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