In between

I’m caught in the middle of the “in   betweens”… 

In between giving up and holding on… 

In between being positive about life with you and the other way around… 

In between pursuing you and just let things flow as it is…

In between regretting everything and making it memorable instead…

In between being happy about it and just being sad…

In between being proud and being embarrassed…

In between taking it slow and movng it fast…

In between missing you and not…

But the hardest part is that…

My heart wants to love you, but my mind doesn’t…

And now I’m torn… torn in between hating you and loving you…


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Ms. Taciturn
I am decisively indecisive. A paradox. A woman.
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Allie Bazar Benito

Benito, Alimoding B. MAR142

1. Implicit/Non-Material
2. Traits
3. ” The Sun and The Moon”

Armel Carreon Jetajobe

Jetajobe, Armel C. – MAR142
1. Implicit/ Non-material
2. Traits
3. An apple with poison

Abigail De Jesus Labayne

Labayne, Abigail (MAR 142)
1. Implicit/ Non-material
2. Traits
3. Fight for you, than love anyone else

Clarence Anne Bituin

Bituin, Clarence Anne R. (Mar142)
1. Implicit
2. Traits
3. Uncertainty of my own love

Von Andrei Cabrera


1. Implicit culture
2. Traits
3. An empty wall

Chrysa Dancel

DANCEL, Chrysa Joy C.
1. Implicit
2. Traits
3. Trapped between two roads

Sheila Ann Surio

Surio, sheila ann (Mar142)

1. Implicit
2. Traits
3. The wall between us

Vincent Raymond Fernandez

Vincent Raymond Fernandez
CIV162 Art Appreciation MQ2 Depth of Field

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