Have you ever encountered that one turning point in your life and say it would’ve made a difference but unfortunately you blew it up? I can say I may have encountered so many chances and/or maybe given up those turning points that eventually ended fast before I realized it or I might have been so numb and did not realize that it was a turning point indeed. I may have been missed it or somehow I may have avoided it. 

    In this fast paced journey where we hustle and grind to survive every single day, we may have encountered some chances and let it slip away easily, without really grasping the idea of how it will turn out to be if we only pause for a moment and let that turning point sink in for a while.

     Sometimes when everything is going well; thoughts and actions are also parallel to what your goals are, and yet somehow we forget to absorb every detail of life instore for us. Perhaps a smile or a simple nod from an acquaintance which may become a significant person in your life story later on, or a simple acknowledgment from a colleague that may lead to a promotion your yearning for. We ignore the chance being laid to us. Good or bad, it gives us lessons and decisions that we know will make a big difference if we only learn it well. It’s either we lack conviction and confidence to accept them, or sometimes we become too proud that we tend to lose ourselves in the process. 

     We fail to admit our mistakes and shortcomings. We never realize we need to accept that turning point in our lives for us to grow and get ourselves on track of what life is all about. Turning points can be helpful but sometimes, it can also be a devastating experience, still, it teaches us how to live our lives in line with the path we choose to have.