Some things come off as unexpected blessings.


You came so sudden,

Without warning, without sign

I thought my life would be miserable

Since the day you made yourself noticed

I had doubts, I had fears

Thinking of the how’s, why’s and the what-if’s

I began to ask myself, “Am I ready for this?

Can I do this alone? ”

Then I felt this feeling

A feeling so strong that sounded like

you chose me without a reason

A strong connection you made

To persuade me to answer those questions with a YES

YES, with conviction behind those doubts

and behind those fears

That moment, I felt your love

It surrounded me, it wrapped me,

And so I said, “Yes I am ready, and yes I can do it.”

I guess luck was what you can call that

Because I was lucky enough to have you

So I asked God’s guidance

To help me take care of you all through out

Despite of the circumstances I may have gotten into,

I promised myself that even if this will take a while.

I will give ample time to prepare myself

emotionally and mentally

I know for a fact that it’s not going to be a smooth journey,

but I want to welcome you with open arms

along with the embitter eyes we’ll encounter together

Still, I can proudly say

that you’re mine and I’m yours forever…

and we’ll face them head on

’cause you are my unexpected blessing

A wonderful gift from God

A blessing not only to me but to the world

And I promise you that you will never feel alone

and you will never feel unloved or unwanted

You will always have me, 100%

From the day you came to me by surprise,

I know you are meant for me

You will always be my priority,

my responsibility and my everything

God has chosen me to love you unconditionally,

And I humbly accept you

My unexpected gift

My precious little angel

My beautiful little one